Benefits of Email Marketing for Online Businesses

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Email marketing is a marketing method that is often carried out by online businesses by utilizing e-mail media (e-mail). Email marketing is sent to prospective customers who have never bought a product, and also to customers who are already customers. In addition to sending Campaign Monitor or Emma product offers to potential buyers, e-mail media is also often used as a medium to establish good relations with subscribers via e-mail newsletters. Email marketing is the best way to market your online business, some of the benefits of email marketing for your online business:

Advertise on Other People’s Emails

this one form of marketing that is very effective in online marketing. For those of us who don’t have many e-mail lists and subscribers, we can use e-mail lists from other publishers by paying some money to them so they want to send e-mails to their list where there is a message to promote our business.

Quite a number of product owners have managed to market their products in this way. Those who have quite a lot of e-mail lists will usually be willing to market other people’s products to make a profit, either by affiliate or other means. So don’t be surprised if there are online businesses that can get tens of millions of rupiah in one day from the internet by utilizing email marketing.

Information Delivered Faster

Sending promotional or offer messages via postal mail is usually much longer than e-mail. Plus, we also have to wait for customer responses through the mail they send by post, it will definitely take a long time and be ineffective. With email marketing, we can reach customers in a very fast time directly to their personal email so that the results will be faster.

Direct Email

Direct e-mail is a message that you send to a customer’s e-mail list where the e-mail message contains a message of offer or promotion direct email can be in the form of text only or it can also be in the form of HTML that contains messages in interesting multimedia forms.

Quite a lot of online businesses are mistaken in using direct e-mail to their customers by sending messages of offers / promotions repeatedly so that they are impressed by the e-mail message containing SPAM. The wrong approach (SPAM) to customers or potential customers can be bad, for example old customers or prospective customers will delete our email address from their White List or Unsubscribe list.

Retention Email

Retention email is the email that we send to old customers to stay connected to our business, this is very crucial for all types of businesses. The contents of e-mail retention messages usually aim to maintain good relations between employers and their customers, this is one different way to offer our products to customers. That way, we will find it easier to market new products or services to customers with a unique approach.

For entrepreneurs who market their products or services online and want to continue to maintain good relations with their customers, they must send emails regularly to customers and subscribers. Retention email does not have to contain promotional messages, it is better to be interspersed with valuable tips and information that are important for customers to know.

Customers who are happy with the contents of your email will continue to be loyal so that it will grow your business continuously, of course this is very important for all entrepreneurs, especially those who have businesses in competitive markets.