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At times, marketers can think in very boxed, exclusive categories, planning their branding and SEO efforts separately. This leads to a disconnect between a business’ SEO and brand strategy, leading to subpar results. By integrating branding and SEO, you can generate organic traffic from search engines to increase brand reach and improve brand image.

So how to measure the brand awareness? What marketing channels to use to attract the target audience? How to launch a successful promotional campaign? If you ask yourself at least one of these questions on a daily basis, try to start from the bottom. 

So how can you start?

1. Research

If you ask your SEO experts about the keywords research you might hear a lot about the semantic core, search volume, and keywords grouping. Well, sounds good, but what’s in it for branding? Researching all the queries with your brand keyword will show you whether people associate your brand with the service you offer. We may call the keywords research a modern-day marketing as it helps define the target audiences’ needs, thinking, and desires.

2. Analyze

It’s a common knowledge that all the SEO specialists use dozens of tools to cope with their daily routine. If you ask them about the most helpful ones, you might hear about both separate tools and all-in-one platforms they use to analyze and evaluate different SEO parameters. Let’s see what’s in there for branding.

3. Be Consistent

While some brands gain the world popularity and recognition, others never go further a certain region or a certain niche. How is it?

There are 3 main types of brand awareness:

Top of mind awareness – more than 50{ef124439be8b92cd896573c6c6f63a5b4e20b91785e59e127c3bb2c93c6a3d0d} of users associate a certain product category with a certain brand.

Spontaneous awareness – users associate a certain product category with a few brands, and yours is among them.

Brand awareness – users recognize the brand only in case of a direct interaction (eg, people see or hear the brand name, logo, packaging or the product itself).

Growing one’s business and leads are two of the top goals of every businessperson. Lead growth and business growth go hand-in-hand. You won’t get one without the other. Many business owners, particularly start-ups think business and lead growth begin with the salespeople making phone calls. This view of building a business is outdated and unsuccessful. So from time to time you have to manage your own business, manage your time and calendar and take care of your business properly.

While the good old telemarketing phone calls are still around, most communication happens online. Computers and smartphones grant people 24/7 access to information and each other. If your sales team isn’t complimenting their phone calling with online communication via email, social media and SEO, you won’t be growing your business or number of leads well any time soon.

4. Branding Optimized Content

Content marketing is one of the greatest ways of spreading the word about your company or brand. When SEO and branding are fused in the form of excellent content, enormous stopping power is created.

To achieve this result, the emphasis must be, first of all, on the content itself. There’s a two-pronged approach to creating excellent content – focus both on satisfying your audience’s hunger for fresh information, while keeping the search engine crawlers content. Follow good SEO practices and your brand only gets stronger.