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Normal person to Celebrity, everyone loves to wear extensions. They can look flawless with their extensions and make any hairstyles they want. But that’s not it, if wearing extensions can make you look incredible, they can turn out to be a disaster. Not only for ordinary people, but extensions disaster can occur with celebrities too. Yes, you read right. Even though having a team of hairstylists that give ready to go hairdo but still somehow they face embarrassment due to hair extensions that go terribly wrong. Following are some well-known celebrities whose extensions went really bad.


She has an entire profile of rocking crazy outfits and hairstyles. During her music career in mid 2000s in Las Vegas when she was doing her ‘piece of me’ tour, we all remember those dodgy hair extensions. That’s one but in the history of fashion many more events define her disaster hairstyle because of extensions. We suggest not to risk your hair impression and get in touch with professional hairstylists through Salon app.


This celebrity have enough of problems on her list and yet hair falls into the list too. Glue-in extensions can go terribly wrong and that’s what happened with her. She have gone viral for wearing glue-in extensions terribly. But celebrity like her, faces these kind of embarrassment just because their careless hairstylists don’t apply them with care.


Christina Aguilera or “Xtina”, that’s she was called in her times is the first person that anyone would visualize when it comes to bad hair extensions. She wore a very crazy, chunky, black, zebra stripe-like extension on hair contrasted with some white blonde layers. She have been spotted in many events in last year where her hair extensions were criticized as they were getting off her head.

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Fashion designer Betsey Johnson took imaginative approach from her designs to her hair as she wear as crazy extensions as she could. She wear some multi colored extensions added to her original hair that made it look really terrible.


None expected this beauty in this list, but guess what everyone has bad hair day or bad extension day. She loves to switch up her hairstyle with the help of extensions. Kylie’s has beautifully long hair, but still she wear longer extensions that look extremely inappropriate. All anyone see is only hair, and it is too much.  It takes away all the charm of the outfit and face.


Pamela Anderson have been culprit of worst hair extensions. This has her style for years. She has been found taking off her extensions back stage in many events. Can anyone please use hair stylist appointment app so they don’t face these stuff and get a professional hairstyle with perfect extensions.


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