Chatbot Marketing with Smart Techniques: Why we Need to Bet on Bots?

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Artificial Intelligence is just a plot in science-fiction stories, and it is finding its way into modern day commerce as several marketers are starting to grow. It turns smart AIs to better connect with consumers, and in most cases, offer digitally distinctiveness. Brands like eBay, Amazon, Microsoft or Facebook are early adopters of automated systems, which can collect data from consumers for more personalized marketing.  

It helps take the strain off of customer-facing employees. Older legacy players like Macy’s are also experimenting with chatbot marketing features, which promises a better engagement, and most importantly, better sales return. According to Macy’s in a recent conference that they are piloting their own customer-service chatbot.  

Although there are some issues before the technology allows them to handle complex interactions, companies say that the pilots have been successful. There has really been an influx of new chatbots according to experts, and the platforms are a very exciting opportunity for companies to deliver a deep functionality. If they can do it properly, they can provide the services the right way. 

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As for now, Artificial Intelligence has been very appealing to tech-savvy consumers that use platforms like Facebook Messenger to chat with customers or friends. Platforms are expected to grow as communication tools are starting to catch on. As companies are starting to adapt to what these AIs can do, companies will promote them since some of these techniques are still in the beta phase. As of now, Artificial Intelligence is only open to a selected group of companies.  

On the other hand, there is broader adoption of chatbots on other platforms. After introducing their Messenger platform in 2016 with more or less 30,000 bots, Facebook has now at least 100,000 active AIs uses the service and help talk to the customers. To continue the momentum that they gained, Facebook unveiled a series of system upgrades that enables users to access their recently used chatbots easily.  

As of now, there has been a lot of innovation that is happening in the industry. Some brands are still in the beta phase, but system activations are starting to experience ramp up significantly. Not only that, but companies are also running AIs on platforms like Telegram and Kik, not only on Messenger. According to research, more or less 5{fb5515485646cfa27375c4946909380397cdfef5b1af371fe4af9796a5f60572} of the companies all over the world said that they are using chatbots regularly.  

More or less, 20{fb5515485646cfa27375c4946909380397cdfef5b1af371fe4af9796a5f60572} are piloting them, and at least 30{fb5515485646cfa27375c4946909380397cdfef5b1af371fe4af9796a5f60572} are planning to use the programs in the next few years. When it comes to success rates, there are mixed reactions and some companies are struggling to define the AI’s purposes, set the goals that are unrealistic for the technology to achieve or launch them before they are ready. 

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The development of AI will make the chatbot industry more advance and smart. But Artificial Intelligence is still in its infancy stage. Companies need to know and understand the chatbot’s limitations and leverage all the existing abilities to deliver business value and customer. According to experts, chatbots are focused on finding relevant solutions to consumer problems.  

A seamless fix 

Today’s chat AIs can dispense questions and answer type of solution a lot quicker, lie the nearest store location or the item price that are sold on the internet. Experts predict that it could be at least five years before chat AIs will be able to handle complicated and lengthy interactions like product consultations like life insurance.  

In the past, bots are not always a seamless fix for every online marketer. Some popular e-commerce brands introduced bots on the popular messaging app, Messenger, years ago. But lately, because of the influx of positive reviews from consumers, most of the companies decided to continue using the system.  

Experts suggest that the best way to sustain the growth the programs have achieved over the past few years is to be consistent and make sure to deliver the services that they are intended to do a lot quicker. Because companies that are developing Artificial Intelligence are devoting most of their resources on the improvement of this technology, the interaction between AIs and the consumers will most likely become more realistic, just like talking to an actual person. This kind of improvement will lead to better engagement and, eventually, higher sales return. 

The fun of using chatbots 

There are almost countless opportunities for AIs to engage with customers. They are the website of the 1990s; it means that every brand is going to use one at some point in time. Every company is going to have a natural language entity so customers can engage with an Artificial Intelligent and get the necessary details about the services or the contents the brand is trying to offer.  

In China, more than 100,000 merchants are now using Alibaba’s Artificial Intelligence enabled concierge chatbots to field millions of consumer queries for their virtual stores. For business-to-business e-commerce companies, which introduces bots on messaging platforms like Messenger, the initiative can provide an additional customer data to help better equip all future marketing strategies, which can be personalized depending on the user’s preference.  

For example, if customers ask the bot about specific information about the products like color, sizes or the price, the next conversation will start by AIs showing items with the same information as what the customers are asking. Companies are also working on a product or brand affinity, in which artificial intelligence will show products similar to those a consumer has previously explored.  

Experts noted that although chatbots are still in its infancy stage, it already sees a dramatic growth every month. Not only that, but customers can also upload images or pictures on their mobile phones about the items that they are looking for – a bonus for people who are secretly taking pictures of other people’s “Outfit Of The Day” in the hopes of buying the similar outfit.