Dedicated Server Hosting With Free SSL

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In this digital era, owning official websites has become one of the essentials for every business. Although several factors play a handy role in making a website a popular one on the internet, web-hosting server plays a significant role site’s performance online.

In most cases, business owners especially eCommerce business site owners prefer dedicated server hosting for hosting their website. This is mainly because of the benefits offered by a dedicated server hosting when compared with other hosting options for a business site.

Why Choose a Dedicated Server hosting  for Your Business?

A dedicated server has the ultimate power, security, and control — no need to share resources with anyone with a dedicated server. For any business website, choosing the right dedicated server is essential. Acquiring a dedicated server is critical for the optimum performance of their site, and businesses reached high traffic and storage level requirements.

If you are confused about Why Choose Dedicated server, read on for five reasons, you will get to know why a dedicated server might be the best choice for your business.

1. Better performance

With no contention for resources, a dedicated server provides an exclusive, isolated platform. Your business and you can use this alone. Compared to a cloud-based option, your dedicated server will perform faster and more efficiently. A cloud-based provider’s resources are shared between all of its users, and it is not exclusive.

Keep in mind that, with cloud-based servers, you will get more storage rather than storage that is more efficient. A dedicated server is what you should choose, as it is a high-performing solution.

2. Better value for money

Dedicated web servers are an essential factor in any business decision and are the most cost-effective option – and value for money. A dedicated server hosting offers a much higher amount of resources. While it may appear to be more expensive than a cloud-based server is and once you realize the real value provided by this type of solution, the price is highly reasonable.

From building to maintaining the server equipment, a dedicated server provider handles everything, and if something goes wrong, it’s their responsibility to fix any issues. Without the hassle of actually purchasing and maintaining a server yourself, hosting solution provides all the benefits of an in-house server

3. Ability to buy specific server hardware

You are free to choose your specifications with a dedicated web server. According to the particular requirements of your website and its content and traffic, you can select precisely what sort of hardware you want.

According to the exact need for a website, it will not be receiving any fewer or more resources. You are able to upgrade your hardware to something that can handle your growing traffic if your website hosting needs expand in the future.

4. Easily customizable

With a dedicated web server, there is a lot of flexibility in what you can do. It is a customizable solution, and you want them as a growing, changing business.

For example, you can use a dedicated server to deploy custom virtualization platforms and foster virtual machines and networks. This means to create separate virtual machines; your business has the ability, each of which can run its individual software environment. According to your business needs, this is just one of the ways where you can customize your dedicated hosting service.

5. Compliance and security benefits

We have already discussed that, as a cloud-based server, a dedicated server is a single-tenant solution, not a shared solution. On compliance and security, if your business places high importance, a dedicated server is the only choice for you.

Your sensitive website data is confined to a single server, and it is the exclusive nature of a dedicated server. When compared to a cloud-based server and it comes to the security of your business’ online presence, there is much less risk of infiltration, interception, or data loss.

For your business and site, choosing the right dedicated server is a task that takes time and research. Make sure to take into account the variables mentioned above features while you compare the different options the market offers. Consider these benefits of a dedicated server for Your Business. Without ever forgetting about the prices that each provider offers, the services your business and site will specifically need.

The Necessity of Approaching a Reliable web Hosting Provider

Well, you may now aware of why a business site should be hosted in a dedicated server. However, the real benefits offered by a dedicated server can be fully availed only if you opt for a reliable web hosting company just like the eWebGuru in India.

Many business owners fail to get in touch with the reliable web hosting company for hosting their site, owing to that, their business websites fail to perform well in the World Wide Web.

How to Choose the Best and Reliable Web Hosting Provider?

Choosing a best and reliable web-hosting provider is a crucial thing, especially if you are unaware of what your site needs/features to consider. Here are the few tips that can help you pick a reliable site.

  • Understanding Available web Hosting Options
  • Check with the Customer Support Service
  • Host provider must offer excellent server uptime track record
  • Cost should not be your first priority while picking web host provider, instead, look for the hosting features
  • Look for the Scalability Features
  • Host provider must have a good reputation

While considering all those above-listed tips, surely you can get eWebGuru web Hosting Company on your sorted list.

Dedicated Server Hosting Offered By eWebGuru

Unlike other host providers, eWebGuru offers free SSL services for all the business sites hosted on their dedicated server plans. Besides, eWebGuru provider dedicated server from the Tier IV Indian Data Center, owing to that hosted site will perform must better and faster.

All the hosting plans listed under the dedicated server hosting of eWebGuru comes with premium hosting features for affordable rates. Moreover, eWebGuru has been in the hosting industry for more than 15 years, with impressive track records.

Bottom Line

Host your site by renting a dedicated server hosting from eWebGuru and witness your site performance along by business growth in a short time. To know more about eWebGuru and to consult with their customer care executives dial 0120 480 6750.