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Dive into Thailand’s Underwater Beauty with Manta Queen Liveaboard Khaolak Scuba Adventure

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Thailand is one of the countries that recently visited by foreign tourists. Many tourist destinations are offered, such as cultural sites, culinary tours, spiritual tourism, and others. Not to forget, the underwater scenery of Thailand is also famous for its beauty.

One exciting area in Thailand is Phuket. Phuket has many destinations that lure tourists to visit. Besides, there also Similan islands. Similan is one of the islands in Phuket. Similan has nine amazing islands. The beauty of each island makes Similan the most popular destination in Thailand. The underwater beauty of the Similan Islands has seized the attention of many divers. So, do not be surprised if many tourists from Europe and America there.

Besides, there is another underwater tourist destination called the Surin Island National Marine Park. This park is located in the Mu Ko Surin Islands in the Andaman Sea, 60 km from the mainland of Thailand. There are unique flora and fauna of Thailand that you will not find elsewhere. The park holds many treasures in its beauty. Here, you can snorkel in its warm, bluish-green water.

Access to these favorite underwater tourist destinations is quite tricky. This spot is located in an isolated archipelago. But don’t worry, Manta Queen Liveaboard is now available to facilitate your Diving activities. Manta Queen Liveaboard was founded in 2003. Manta Queen Liveaboard is part of Khaolak Diving Adventure. this company offers liveaboard trips for:

  1. three days three nights
  2. four days four nights
  3. five days five nights

These trips are visiting two of Thailand’s favorite underwater destinations, namely Similan Island and Surin Island National Marine Park.

This diving service prioritizes the safety of divers. This company has stated that they would be very proud if they could provide the best and professional service to their customers. With more than 60 experienced divers and masters of foreign languages ​​such as English, French, Japanese, and others, this company will provide security and comfort for foreign tourists.

There also diving courses starting from the beginner level. All divers will be equipped with adequate and standard diving equipment. Internal technicians will check and clean the equipment that will be used by the customer.

Visit the website at to get the best service and prices.

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