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emerging technology

The School of Emerging Technologies (SET) at Towson University works to advance interdisciplinary and collaborative educational and research programs that address the development, application, implications and ramifications of emerging technologies. Emerging technologies: sensors, (mots or smart dust), Nanotechnology and community-wide wireless broadband, GPS, are changing the landscape for business applications and life style generally. From an IT perspective one of the most salient facts of these emerging technologies will be the massive amount of additional digital data to collect and the need for new hardware, software and robust standard networks to collectively make it all work. Science fiction has criticized developing and future technologies, but also inspires innovation and new technology.

It will not happen overnight, but problems like hospital cash flow, supply chain efficiency, MRSA, adverse medical events (with their massive liability payouts) may be greatly reduced by sensors and emerging technologies. One of the criteria used by council members during their deliberations was the likelihood that 2016 represents a tipping point in the deployment of each technology. I look forward to the challenges ahead and how assistive technology can benefit students in my classroom. It is a kind of outside source that helps them become more motivated and engaged in their education.

Priority matrices are useful for detailed technology prioritization – they are essentially risk/benefit matrices which enable the user to look beyond the hype and assess technology opportunities in terms of their relative impact on the enterprise and the timing of that impact. This presentation covered one of the nation’s largest commercial/industrial technology focused water efficiency rebate programs. This technology may be years away from mass production, but when it arrives, it could change everything.

Future technology that I as an instructor would like to utilize is an iPad so that I can record progress throughout the day, make notes to myself, record observations of my students, and to readily jot down the myriad of ideas that occur during the day but are often lost by the end of the day. Because smart dust can act like a sensor, a monitor, a communication device, and much more, and because it is so tiny, the possibilities for that technology are almost infinite.

The distinct feature of this type of technology resides in the fact that the Internet is used with its unique characteristics and relying on its strengths, without trying to adapt the Internet to a particular application. By tracking user preferences, this technology will help me find what I am looking for while also offering me alternatives to my product. Solar energy production has taken huge steps forward with the help of nano technology.