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emerging technology

Technology is evolving so fast that spotting the Next Big Thing if you’re trying to decide where, when, and what to invest in can feel overwhelming. Our Emerging Technologies Competition aims to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative technologies in the following areas (you can find out more about these categories in Application & judging ). Because the technology is new, some environmental experts still want to see what would be the impact on the environment if millions of Smart Dust were let loose in the nature. One of the requirements in our Emerging Technology (EMTECH) class is for us students to organize and conduct seminars with regards to the emerging technologies in different industries/fields.

This support has previously included: strategy reviews; assisting with market research; supporting funding bids; sample testing; introductions to new networks; and guidance on IP and regulation. Working with the partners helped to focus our minds on particular market sections that our technology really brought a benefit to. It helped to inform the direction of our technology development and saved us a lot of time. The use of iPods is mainly in higher education to deliver instructional content such as lectures.

After the symposium series that we have organized and conducted, I am thankful that I was able to get insights from different professionals who have shared their time, knowledge and expertise in health and business industry about the different emerging technologies, ideas and concepts that are present in the corporate world. Before cell phone technology people and business were limited to communicating from a stationary building or location. Oil and gas firms have also exploited drone technology to check, for example, remote pipeline networks. It contains tools that support oral language stressed at the kindergarten age levels.

In sectors such as construction or utilities, with large sites and assets to manage, equipping drones with pattern recognition technology to help identify locations that may require closer human inspection is just one potential application. I wish to use this blog as a learning tool to expand my knowledge of technology and to explore its potential in improving my teaching practices.

SET fosters the development of new innovative, interdisciplinary courses and degree and non-degree programs in fields involving emerging technologies — programs that address the anticipated technical workforce needs of the region and integrate the study of social/cultural, environmental and ethical issues as well as specific technologies. This emerging design will provide hundreds of gigabits of connectivity between individual nodes, and make million-node deployments commonplace.