Emerging Technology

emerging technology

Currently, I think of emerging technology a period of when users do not yet consider the technology essential to their everyday life or the cost of that technology to be worth purchasing for their every day life. Tracking more than 150 different technologies and using our own Emerging Tech Focus tool and method we identified those that are likely to make the biggest impact over the next five years or so. As part of that process, we took into account criteria including: the speed of tech take-up; the scale of public and private investment; the potential for the technology to go mainstream; its global reach; its technical viability; and its industry relevance across more than one sector.

Fully immersive and increasingly realistic, VR’s most obvious applications are in entertainment and gaming (and some sports at the Rio Olympics were already broadcast in VR), but advances in technology have increased accessibility while reducing development costs are starting to open up huge possibilities in fields as diverse as retail, healthcare, education, tourism, and journalism.

As Winnie Hu said in her article Math That Moves: Schools Embrace the iPad, iPads should be used at school and at home to replace textbooks; allow students to correspond with teachers, file papers and homework assignments; and preserve a record of student work in digital portfolios.” This quote shows the ability to transform education with the powerful and versatile iPad and its multitude of applications.

One of the dilemmas I have observes is the appearance that the state and district mandated assessment programs are geared towards the native Caucasian students in the district and state; however, I am satisfied with how well our new district-wide math curriculum utilizes available technology and offers differentiated instruction including ELL activities.

One of my favourite little companies that I’ve been watching develop for the last few years, now appears to be getting the attention it deserves and I thought it high time that I told the world how the Internet, broadcasting industry, world of mobile phones and basically society as we know it, are going to be saved by a little known technology called CodecSys.