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The latest drones can travel miles from the operator, shoot super-smooth 4K Ultra HD video and use GPS to travel to a pre-determined landmarks and return safely to the owner thanks to guidance tech and longer battery lives. Will consider current and future advances in the physical and information sciences, engineering and mathematics through the lens of current and future national and global security dynamics, to reveal potentially attractive avenues of technological pursuit and to catalyze non-obvious synergies among participants. Nan Mattai serves as senior vice president of engineering & technology of Rockwell Collins, where she guides the corporation’s technology vision and provides strategic leadership.

IBC represents an important annual industry dialogue where the worlds of technology and media intersect. Col Wattendorf previously served as Director, Air Force Medical Genetics Center and program manager for an Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration integrating advanced diagnostics and informatics with surveillance systems to rapidly detect natural and hostile pathogens in the Office of the Air Force Surgeon General.

As technology continues to change our day-to-day life, it is fascinating to imagine how the world would look like by 2025. Gold is responsible for a broad array of activities, including international business development, legal issues, congressional affairs and strategic planning. It seems that we will have comfortable life through the service of these technology slaves”, but someday in the future, if we don’t be careful as possible, we could be slaves of technology”.future technologyfuture technology

But, with the exponential power of future quantum computers aided by nanotechnology and artificial intelligence there will be. Future computers will no longer have RAM or DRAM but rather MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory) which is a present reality. A member of the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Committee on Science, Technology and Law, she co-chaired the committee that drafted the National Academies’ Guidelines for Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Dr. Nils Sandell Jr. joined DARPA in March 2013 as the director of the Strategic Technology Office (STO).future technology

Technology has always reshaped society and we tell ourselves stories to try to understand why and how,” he says. And in the territory between these RF and optical domains, promising new devices are starting to emerge that operate in this previously unattainable portion of the spectrum. When not hard at work on a MIT Technology Review story, I can be found cycling around the Bay Area.