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A. If you want the best deal for you money and are willing to spend a little time setting it up, building your own computer is nearly always your best bet. The main advantage of this school of thought is that it is able to address your gaming computer needs with the less amount of money to shell-out for it. Gaming computers constructed with this in mind may not be the best or fastest there is in the market or in the world, but it is one which is easy on the user’s pocket while delivering the needed specifications to be able to function when playing modern computer games.

A. if you are building it your self, then go to and order all your stuff, they have great priced stuff, but to build a gaming computer usualy a good one thats cheap would cost about 600-700 but i still think it can be done, as long as you get 4-8g of RAM and have a quad core processor you should be good, oh and the graphics card needs to be good, just get the computer you have now nad up grade the parts in there, hope this helped.

Peer to Peer networking is a lot like using LAN but instead of one computer being set in charge of controlling everything that is goingon instead all computers are considered File Servers meaning that all computers in the system have console of what is going on. This is the best way taht two players would be able to connect using different consoles.

I would go go for a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor, for a video card at least a Nvidia 9800 GTX+(a faster version of this card would be a GTS 250, it is just the same card be slightly faster), or an ATI Radeon 4870 HD. I am pretty sure not many store bought computers will have these settings, you could build your own though but since you want to buy a cheap computer I wouldn’t suggest building one.

One thing you’d want to look out for if you’re planning on playing online games with it is that you’d want to set up your sound to go to your speakers instead of the headset, unless you have a stereo headset (sound goes to both ears) then you’ll want to make sure you purchase a bluetooth dongle that supports A2DP which will allow you to use your bluetooth headset with stereo sound.