History of the Famous Maldives

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The beauty of the Maldives coast cannot be doubted. Lodging facilities are also widely available here. Ranging from hostels to exclusive hotels. The beachside hotels are designed very nicely, one of them is Raffles Maldives which is located at Meradhoo Atoll. Raffles Maldives offers the sensation of staying by the beach with complete facilities and affordable prices. For room details provided, you can visit the official Raffles Maldives website at https://rafflesmaldives.com.

Maldives is famous for the beauty of its waters, with blue and green color. This island is located in the Indian Ocean in the south-southwest of India. In Asia, this island has the smallest area. Moreover, it has the lowest land surface in the world. The average height of land surface in Maldives is around 1.5 meters above sea level.

The income of the Republic of the Maldives depends on the tourism and fisheries sector. The island was awarded a very beautiful beach. With views of the colorful underwater garden. If you have enough time and money, of course, you want to dive there.

The exoticism of the beaches located on Maldives Island has been attracting many tourists for a vacation here. Tourists who come here are around 700,000 tourists per year. In addition to the beaches that bring in huge foreign exchange, this place also has amazing marine wealth in the form of fish which are exported to Asia and Europe.

The History of the Beautiful Island of Maldives

The name Maldives is taken from the Sanskrit language. The meaning of Mala itself is the String. While Dvipa means island. When put together the two words become a string of islands. The country that stands between many islands.

During the Dutch colonial period. The colony called Maldive Maldivische Eilanden. The word was recorded in their document. It is said that this island’s historical legend, originated from a prince named Sinhalese. The prince was stranded on this island with his partner. Then this lovebirds duo settled here. This couple enjoys so much the charm of the island of Maldive. They also live for centuries.

Besides that, Maldives’ geography makes sailors from Arab and India also easily find this island. They lived until their offspring gave birth. The Arab-Indian combination is seen in the faces of the people.

The 16th century came the Portuguese to colonized this beautiful island. 15 years (1558-1573) is not a short period. At the time local people living in colonialism until Muhammad Thakurufar Al-Azam managed to reclaim it from the hands of the Portuguese invaders.

Also, from 1887 to 1965, Maldives Island became a British colony. After that, in 1153-1968 this country was transformed into an independent Muslim sultanate country, but it only lasts for three years. After that, it became a republic until now.