How Technology Can Help Disabled Persons On A Daily Basis

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Persons with disability take on life in a different way; what may seem easy for you, might be difficult for them. You might be able to do any type of activity anytime, anywhere, but it’s never the same for them. Persons with disabilities are having difficulties every day even if they don’t show it physically. Fortunately, technology has made their lives easier in more ways than one. Regardless of the disability, there’s always a solution, all thanks to the innovations in technology. To drive the point home, consider the list below as this is proof that indeed, technology can help disabled persons on a daily basis:

  1. Using tablets to speak


Because tablets are portable and affordable, it’s now easier for speech and language therapists to communicate with people suffering from disabilities. Apps such as Augie AAC and Speak for Yourself allow therapists to work with individuals by providing them access to over a thousand words in their screens! This means that with the use of tablets, recovery, and living every day becomes easier for persons with disabilities.

  1. Using voice control to navigate smartphones

Voice control systems now allow users to dictate their messages while an app does the typing for them. There are also apps which translate texts into intelligible speech. With this kind of innovation, people with dyslexia, for example, can easily express their ideas without suffering from the consequences of actually writing it. Persons with disabilities can also use other apps such as Instagram as there are now on-screen text and commands that read aloud texts without being dependent on sight.

  1. Improving communication skills of people who have autism

Many parents who have children who have autism are now using iPads to allow their kids to practice eye contact. Communicate and learn new vocabulary. This kind of method is more appropriate to children as they enjoy the iPad’s speech functions and would feel that it’s merely a game. Compared to traditional alphabet sheets, iPads are also more fun to play with which can result in better outcomes for the patient.

  1. Apple’s Assistive Touch

There are several companies in the market which adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities and Apple is one of them. With Apple’s assistive touch technology, persons with disabilities can now zoom in and out of the screen and adjust volumes just by using the side buttons or multiple fingers in apps. Users will also be provided with a screen guide to make the navigation easier for them.

Aside from the discomfort of the disability, patients can also be affected when their rights are suppressed in any way. When you know someone who is involved in this kind of situation, advise them to seek help from a disability lawyer right away. This will save them the stress of doing everything by themselves while ensuring that they can receive what is rightfully theirs.


In Conclusion


Technology has made everyone’s lives easier, and the same is true for persons living with a disability. They no longer have to suffer any pain associated with their disabilities because technology has provided them avenues to live an almost pain-free life. They wouldn’t have to feel aloft with the people around them because technology helped them communicate even with their disabilities. And with all of these things provided by technology, recovery and daily living for persons with disabilities wouldn’t be so hard at all!