How Technology Puts Your Safety At Risk When You’re Commuting


No matter where you go, you always bring your mobile phones and tablets with you. You think that there’s always a need to do so because people are trying to reach out to you and need your immediate response. You basically can’t leave home without these devices! But while these little gizmos bring so much convenience in your life, it can also pose risks when you’re using too much of it when you’re outdoors. You might not know it but yes, technology can put your safety at risk when you’re commuting. Here’s how:

  1. You can be susceptible to thief

Gadgets are not cheap, they come with an expensive price tag. This is the reason why whenever you use a gadget out in the open, like in the bus or the train, for example, you become a thief’s easy target. They know that you’re loaded and therefore, can become a very good victim for their motives. And because you’re too glued to the device you’re facing, you might not even notice that they’re already lurking near your seat.

If you have your mobiles phones and tablets with you, secure them in a safe place and don’t display it wherever you go. If some urgent calls and texts need to be responded to, do so when you’re not in public.

  1. You’re more prone to personal injuries

A lot of things happen on the road. For a minute, you might think that the road is clear and drive swiftly but when a pedestrian suddenly crosses the street, can you respond quickly? When you have a device in your hand, perhaps not. You end up hurting other people, even yourself. When this happens, you can sustain personal injuries and pay for damages.

Being involved in a car accident which can result in personal injuries is not a good place to be in. You’re not only hurt physically, but your entire well-being is also affected. For you to get through this phase easier, you should work with an attorney who has years of experience in dealing with vehicle accidents.

  1. You might have trouble with the law

Apps are helpful when you’re on the road to tell which streets aren’t congested with traffic or how far is the next gas stop. These apps make your driving easier. But when you’re too distracted because you’re paying more attention to these devices rather than what’s on the road, bad things can happen – and having trouble with the law for distracted driving is just one of them. Different states have different laws on distracted driving but generally, anything that impairs you from driving safely (mobile phones, tablets and iPods), can be considered as factors for distracted driving.

If you’re commuting with your devices, you can always have the option to put them on silent mode or put them in the back of the car so you’ll not be distracted when you’re behind the wheel. If someone is texting for an emergency, pull over at the side of the road. Once you’ve parked to safety, that’s the time that you respond. Don’t text and drive as this is a hazardous combination.

In Conclusion

Technology has helped everyone one way or another. With technology, tasks done in days can now be accomplished within hours without too much effort. But if you’re fond of using technology every day in whatever you do, you should still have the control and determine to minimize use when you’re commuting. Yes, there might be things which need your immediate response but there are ways on how you can do it without compromising your safety.