How the Mobile Mindset Is Changing the Way Businesses Operate

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It’s no exaggeration to say that smartphones have completely changed the way we live our everyday lives. In fact, as of April 2018, mobile devices accounted for 51.2{2316e545abff35e1a4e1a025ae266b30ba2944803d44d5278b41fbb2870ea077} of web page views worldwide. This is a staggering but accurate representation of the way we are headed. Understanding the mobile mindset is key for any business if they want to keep up with the developments in consumer habits. Here’s a look at how increased smartphone use is changing the way businesses operate completely:

The Change in Consumer Behaviour

From July 2016 – July 2017 the number of users who engaged with more than four apps per mobile session increased by 10 percent. Not only does this demonstrate that users are doing more each time they unlock their phone, but it also represents a change in consumer behaviour. Activity that was previously done on a desktop is now mostly actioned from a mobile device. Everything from online shopping to booking holiday accommodation is done on a mobile phone. This has greatly impacted the way businesses now access their target audience, creating more opportunities for user engagement.

Customer Interaction Opportunities

The fact that people are now spending more of their time on their mobile than desktop means that businesses need to adapt their marketing methods in order to reach them. That’s why agencies like Red Cow Media are taken on-board in order to improve content and SEO of the website. One of the primary uses for mobile phone’s are Apps, with social media being a predominant feature in every user session. Therefore, one of the most effective ways of reaching a target demographic is through user interaction.

Some of the best brands to dominate social media include Netflix, Wendy’s and McDonalds. Recently, two Asian teens noticed there were no posters on the walls at their local McDonalds representing the Asian community. They decided to make their own and hang it up themselves. This caused a storm on social media, with the story making news worldwide. McDonalds decided to award the teens $25,000 each for their successful prank. This is an example of marketing done well via social media – something they didn’t even plan.

Increase in Digital Marketing

Although organic user interaction is extremely beneficial, businesses can’t rely solely on it. Companies need to look into more ways they can reach their target audience through digital marketing, hence the dramatic increase in interest over the last few years. Even if their website is up-to-date and useful, it will mean nothing if it’s not mobile-friendly. A digital marketing agency would be able to help a business stay on top of the latest developments, guiding them through the mobile mindset process. Many users will immediately click off a website if it doesn’t appear to be mobile-friendly.

Mobile Mindset Implications in Future

There is no sign of the mobile mindset slowing down. Though there will always be a use for desktop devices, the majority of activity will likely task place on mobile phones. Therefore, it’s within a business’ best interest to get to grips with the new technology to make sure their brand is as mobile-friendly as possible. Whether that’s being more active and engaging on social media or adapting the aesthetics of their website to suit a mobile phone screen, there are numerous ways a business can change the way it operates for the better.