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How to Develop a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.”

-Seth Godin

Content marketing is not something very new. It’s been around for more than a decade now.

From infographics, articles, blogs, and web pages to branded podcasts and YouTube videos/channels, almost every brand today is spending heaps on marketing to tap the untapped market by getting their message across effectively.

But what elements make the content work? Instead of spending so much time deciding on your marketing techniques, it’d be far more beneficial if businesses work on making a nice content marketing strategy. The key is to know if content marketing is the right fit for your company and if yes, how it can be effectively done.

This is what helps in attracting prospect buyers and increasing your sales.

In the words of Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners:

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”

Developing an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

VM Interactive has come up with 7 techniques that will help you develop an effective content marketing strategy to outshine your competitors and deliver the message effortlessly.

1.     Set Goals

Set goals and strategies carefully. Goal setting is not only about what you achieve but about what could be achieved in a given frame of time. Your goals should be achievable but challenging. They should not be stretch goals but modest ones that show significant improvement.

You can use the SMART (specific, measurable, agreed-upon, realistic and time based) approach to develop these goals and strategies.

2.     Know the Viewers

It is important for you to closely know your audience to make long-lasting relationships through appropriate content marketing. When you know them, you address them how they want to be addresses through the content produced. This helps build trust. You let them know that the content is specially designed for them.

Defining your audience and addressing them in the content you share is very important. To begin with, start by developing target personas of your existing and prospective customers using their demographics such as age, race, income, location, etc. and psychographics like personality, values, interests, etc.

3.     Conduct Research

The major reason behind companies putting in so much effort in their content marketing initiatives is to appear on the first few pages of SERP.

Research to determine which words you should use and what should the catchphrases be. This will enable you to tell your story in a manner readers want to hear it.

4.     Be Precise

Regardless of what your story is, make sure it is relevant and precise. The story should be able to deliver a clear message to the audience and take into account what the audience cares about.

Content marketing is not at all about what you sell, but it’s more about how you do it. Include more content about providing value with your expertise than just the products/services you offer.

“Make is simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun.” -Leo Burnett

5.     Experiment

When it comes to creating content formats, the sky is the limit provided that the format is easily accessible. For instance, .zip files are not going to work for users who use mobile devices to surf the internet. Give people what comes in handy.

You can consider experimenting with eBooks, blogs, videos, web pages, and infographics. Take the time to experiment because the right technique varies from business to business.

6.     Create Shareable Content

Someone Wise once said, “Create content that reaches your audience’s audience.”

The shareability of the content you develop is imperative. Design content that compels your audience to further share it with their own families, friends, and social groups. Go for topics and formats that relate to the target personas you develop.

Additionally, for your content to go viral, make sure you design in a manner it is easily shareable.

7.     Test before You Rest

Your content marketing process isn’t over until you have tested the strategy to ensure it’s functional. Don’t hold back from trying new things when it comes down to testing. This activity can include testing everything from headlines to images and the CTA.

High-Quality Content Marketing Pays Off

Content marketing is a very vast subject. You can simply devote ages of exploring it and it might still not be enough. But for the moment, let’s conclude it this way:

Good content marketing takes a lot of patience, hard work, tactfulness, and more than anything, persistence. It will be hard; it will challenge you, but don’t surrender.  Find where you can get a breakthrough by having your audience’s need aligned with the business goals.

Put out high-value, high-impact content by putting yourself in the audience’s shoes. Your efforts and patience will pay off big time!

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