Interesting ideas for your home terrace

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Access to home is not just the front door. But also, the area that connects the outside lane with the front door. Usually, this area is a terrace. To beautify this area, you need to choose a floor design that also features a garden, footpath, terrace, and front door. Confused about which floor design is good for your home? Amber has the answer to your confusion.

Here is some floor design information that you can apply.

Granite floor, elegant and traditional

Granite is a material that has long been used as a floor. The polished granite floors are durable, robust, and easy to maintain. It is easy to clean, resistant to friction, and leaves no scars if we drag objects on it. The granite floor also does not easily absorb water and is not easily formed. All of these qualities make the granite floor worthy of your choice.

Modern White concrete Flooring

If the floor on the terrace serves as a road. A wide concrete block up and down aims to bridge the gap between the roadside and the house. White cement is used as a finishing touch so that concrete plates look flexible.

The equipment used to smooth the surface of the concrete floor should be clean and not rusty. You should be careful when polishing this kind of floor because a slight stain can tarnish this white floor. Get the pores on the surface so that the floor is not easy to wear. If you don’t have the time, you can order concrete plates from experts like Amber Tiles. Floor mounting is done at the final stage of home construction.

Wood and Stone

This is a design that will make your home look unique. The combination of stone and wood is a natural touch to modern homes. We recommend that you take care of the wooden slab regularly so that they are not mossy and durable. The stones around the wood slab should be small so they can fill the space between the wooden plates of each other.

Clay floor

Clay floors can be used to bring a rustic or modern twist. Depending on the trinkets and the overall design of your home fa├žade.

Brick Floor

Bricks are always right when building houses, both for walls and floors. This type of floor is durable, suitable for a variety of dimensions and gives the character where you live. This material is suitable for a modern, rustic and traditional design house, according to your home type.

Hopefully, the above floor design information can help you in realizing your dream home!