GMap-Track News

Set Location Manually (March 2nd, 2009)

GMap-Track now allows you to set your location manually. It's easy: log in to your account, click on "Set location manually" in the main map view, move the map to your current location, then click the "Set Location" button.

Multiple map types and 3D view (May 30th, 2008)

We have added another map type called "Earth" to GMap-Track — it shows your location or the location of your friends in a 3D view inside your web browser. This feature works through the Google Earth plugin which is currently supported only on Windows in Internet Explorer or Firefox 2.0.

Not announced on this page but present on the website for some time is support for viewing maps from MSN Live Maps or Yahoo Maps inside the Google Maps interface. This is especially useful in areas not covered by Google Maps, like Eastern Europe.

Embedded Map updated (February 8th, 2008)

The code for showing the map on your website was updated to allow the map to start centered on your location, previously it used to start centered at a fixed point then move to your location after a few seconds. In addition this change fixes some browser compatibility problems. Internet Explorer 7 support was not tested yet with the new version but hopefully that is fixed too.

Problem with IE7 (December 4th, 2007)

Thanks to all who sent this in... It seems that the embedded map is not correctly displayed in Internet Explorer v7.0. I don't know whether this is caused by an update in Google Maps or by the embedded GMap-Track code, but I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Cristian Streng

Small updates (October 30th, 2007)

I only made a couple of small updates to the gmap-track website in the past few weeks, as I've been concentrating to add more features to MGMaps:

  • The public map and the user map now show speed and altitude in each user's measurement units (metric or imperial) when visited by someone not logged in to gmap-track.
  • An older updated not announced: the "tooltip" for a user shows when was the user last seen, like in the mobile application (but I'm sure you already noticed that). This tooltip is included in the embeddable maps too.

Stay tuned however, more important updates are coming soon!

View Friends in MGMaps (September 26th, 2007)

Starting with version 1.37, you can view and track your friends on your phone! Check out the news post on To enable this feature, check the "Enabled" box in "Services/View Friends" in Mobile GMaps.

Login problems, part 2 (August 30th, 2007)

After numerous requests, you can now automatically reset your password — to do that visit, or click on the link provided when you enter an invalid username or password.

Login problems (August 29th, 2007)

Several users have reported in the last few days problems with their logins. After some investigation, it seems that a few passwords were reset. If you are experiencing problems, please send an email to support at gmap-track dot com and we'll reset your password.

Put GMap-Track on your website! (August 10th, 2007)

We've recently added a feature that allows you to show your friends where you are by including a map on your website. Of course, your location must be public for this to work, make sure it is enabled in your profile settings. See it in action at Ogle Earth!

To use this new feature, go to your map page, click on "Show on your website", change any parameters you wish, click on "Generate HTML code" and copy/paste the code to your website.

Other recent updates:

  • Added a new map type: "Ditu" (Google Maps China)
  • KML output: this was already supported with the API, now you can also get the KML output for a user by visiting<user>. Example.
  • The "last seen" time for is now shown for each user in their own configured timezone.

Selectively enable friends (July 31st, 2007)

A new feature on GMap-Track allows you to selectively enable or disable your position being shown to your friends. To configure this feature, go to "Edit Friends" and check or uncheck the boxes in the "allowed to view your location" list, then click on "Save Changes".