Oftenly Found Roof Problem


The roof part of the house that is often problematic. This is reasonable since the roof is one of the parts of the house that often faced changes in weather such as heat, rain, wind, and many. For that roof is fragile. The process of repairing the roof takes time and costs quite a lot. If you are not skilled enough in repairing damaged roofs, you will need help fromĀ Southern Cross Roofing Sydney. They will help you repair damaged roofs.

However, before discussing how to repair damaged roofs, we need to identify problems in our roofs. By understanding this, we can prevent damage to our roof.

1. cracked/faded tile need a maintenance

Unlike walls that often get regular maintenance and cleaning, the roof is often forgotten to be cleaned. The roof often gets less attention. Sometimes, we just realize that some parts of the roof are damaged in the event of a leak, especially when it rains.

Sometimes, we see the tile falling because the holder is no longer strong. Other times, a lot of dry leaves are on the roof of our house causing the tile to become more fragile. For this reason, regular cleaning and checking needs to be done, especially for tiles from a house that is decades old.

2. trouble from tree branches near the house

Large trees around the house provide cool the atmosphere outside, but sometimes it can be a disaster, especially for the roof in our homes. The growth of wild stems and twigs that have reached the height of the roof sometimes makes the tile of our roof moved. Tree branches can touch the surface of the tile, leave scratches and cracks that make the tile damaged quickly.

A very large tree also easily collapse, especially if there is heavy rain. This fallen tree can fall on the roof and damage the tiles and create holes.

Another problem arises from the leaves of the tree which often fall on the roof and are difficult to clean. You need to climb to the roof to clean up the dry leaves. Therefore, always pay attention to the growth of trees in your home and trim as much as possible regularly to prevent the tree from hit your roof

3. Leaks

To prevent rainwater from seep into the ceiling until it leaks into the house, place plastic under the tile. Plastic can banish water, so it does not directly touch the ceiling. However, this plastic is very easy to tear or get a hole, especially if it already decades old and never been replaced.

As a result, the roof is no longer able to hold the seepage of water and causes leakage. For that, we need to check the condition of the plastic, especially before the rainy season arrives