Pedestrian Safety Features are In Newly Launched Car

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Road accidents, unfortunately, are a menace to the society. children, age-old people, women, everyone is exposed to a high of being hit on the road while walking. Every pedestrian is at risk in traffic. Of all the accidents, the percentage of a pedestrian hitting a car is considerably high.

There are various health insurances and various legal laws that support pedestrians when such an incidence occurs. But that is not enough. A protection to the pedestrian after the accident has happened is a good way to safeguard them, but that is not enough. There was a need observed to stop these accidents from happening in the first place.

In recent years, there have been many kinds of research and many people were involved in these researches to make cars as well as heavy vehicles like the Garbage trucks that are pedestrian friendly.

The features like the emergency braking system as soon as a pedestrian is in the vicinity of the vehicle or informing the driver whether the pedestrian is at a safe distance or not. Many new cars are being manufactured with these features. The cars from premium brands are being embedded with pedestrian safety features and are being tested for the same. Such features are also required in garbage trucks to stop the truck in time as heavy vehicles are difficult to stop at once.

It is challenging to introduce the safety features that will be pedestrian friendly and control the car based on the external factors. This is done through a smart pedestrian management system. There are sensors that are required to detect the human’s in the vicinity of the car and to analyse the impact if the two collide and to take the necessary decisions. The car should then take a decision and react in order to ensure that the impact is minimal and all of this should happen within a few seconds.

The solution to pedestrian safety can be achieved by having peripheral sensors in the front. These sensors are linked to the braking system and trigger emergency braking and also opens the airbag at the same time so that due to the sudden jerk the driver inside the car and the co-passenger in the car are not injured. This system needs to have great power as it should be capable to lift the engine in a few seconds and stop the car.

Another feature that can help in pedestrian safety is to regulate the speed of the car whenever near an area that is prone to have more pedestrians like a school, a market or a bus stop or a jogging track of park. Through the global positioning system, these streets can be identified and the car speed regulation can be done. Thereby reducing the risk of an accident.

The important concern that is faced by the companies having the pedestrian safe cars is to provide the features in the same cost. The solutions have to be cost-effective and affordable. Some newly launched cars come with this important feature and it is thus a revolution in this segment offering immense security to the one sitting in the car and also to the one who is outside. These features will hopefully reduce the road menace and make travelling and walking on roads safer!