Responsive Websites For Business Help Attract Mobile Traffic

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Ever since the advent of smartphones and tablets, design and user experience is no longer approached as they once were. There was time when the only challenge that web designers had to deal with was to ensure that their websites would feel and look the same in the various browsers of desktop computers.

However, interacting with websites on the monitor of a desktop computer is very different from interacting with them on smartphones and tablets. While creating a website with Responsive Design factors such as Click versus Touch, optimized markup, Pixel-resolution, Screen-size, support for Adobe’s Flash technology and many more become crucial.

Why is responsive web design so vital? Before understanding that, it is important to understand what responsive web design actually is.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a web design approach in which websites are coded and laid out in such a way that an optimal viewing experience is provided. This means that websites with a responsive web design become easier to navigate and read across a variety of devices with minimum panning, resizing and scrolling.

When creating a Responsive Design, the designers ensure that audio/video players, images, navigation elements, screen layouts, text and outer UI elements get re-adjusted on various devices. Therefore, extra money and time do not have to spend to create and maintain two different versions of the same site.

Why Is Responsive Design So Vital For Websites?

The number of browsers, devices and platforms that need to work with a website continues to grow with each passing day. A fundamental shift in how websites will be built in the decade to come is represented by responsive web design.

Time & Money

There seems to be a misconception that it is expensive to make a responsive site. The truth is that making a responsive site is indeed somewhat more costly than making a traditional site. However, when a responsive site is created, the need to create different versions for mobile phones and other devices is eliminated, significantly cutting down total web development costs. As a result, the total ownership costs are also cut down. Therefore, it can prove to be the smartest decision to invest in responsive web design in the long term.

Pervasion Of The Mobile Devices

Each day, there is an exponential rise in Internet traffic that originates from mobile devices. More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse websites, so ignoring responsive web design would be foolish. Soon this approach, where a single size fits all devices will be the norm. Internet traffic is also on the rise via mobile using netflix ip software in which the size of the software really matters despite ho advance the technology is.

User Experience

Although content is king and success of a website depends on its online visibility, but it is positive user experience on practically any device that encourages visitors to keep coming back. Thus, responsive web design provides optimal user experience, regardless of whether visitors are browsing the website on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. For a good example of a business that has fully considered its user experience offering an app that works across multiple platforms, check out netflix vpn.

Device Agnostic

Responsive Websites are agnostic to all devices and their operating systems. A responsive design ensures that the best and consistent website browsing experience is provided to users on any device they choose and prefer to use. Thus, content publishers and website owners do not have to build different versions of their website for all popular device platforms that expect might be used by their audience.

What Does The Future Hold?

There is no need to compartmentalize site content in device-specific and disparate experiences since adopting the responsive web design approach is much smarter. Of course, having separate websites geared toward particular devices can become necessary for businesses, especially when the scope of the content-offering for the separate versions is different. However, unlike the past, these days it has become the norm to view digital content on a spectrum of various experiences. Thus, the way forward is provided by responsive web design.