Taking A Look At Manifolds

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When it comes to industrial and mechanical construction, a manifold plays a vital role in the process. It is a wide pipe into which smaller pipes lead. Manifolds are most often used in fluid power applications.

Choosing A Manifold

According to the experts from the www.manifoldcenter.com, various considerations are important when choosing a manifold for your specific applications. The material and finish generally determine how much pressure a manifold can handle. The material type also determines the durability. Some other fundamentals to take into consideration include:

  • Electrical voltage and connection
  • The number of valves
  • Temperatures and environmental conditions
  • Duty cycle
  • The fluid type
  • The seal material, port sizes, flow conditions, and mounting

Advantages Of Manifolds

Manifolds are used in various settings that range from mobile machines to heavy industrial objects. When including a manifold in a fluid control or regulation system, the result is improved efficiency and reduced energy costs. Some other advantages include:

  • Shorter path flows that prevent pressure drop and temperature fluctuations by enhancing the energy efficiency of the system
  • Reduced installation costs and fluid connections due to a simple and compact design
  • Fewer chances of an oil leak due to a reduced number of connections
  • Upgraded layout because of fewer hoses and connections
  • Compact, hard cartridge sizes that fit in confined places

The Applications Of Hydraulic Manifolds

A custom hydraulic manifold is a device that controls the flow of fluid between actuators and pumps and other devices with the help of a hydraulic system. This can be compared to a switchboard of an electrical circuit board, as it allows the operator to control the flows of fluid between the elements of a hydraulic device. Custom hydraulic manifolds offer a huge range of applications. It is commonly used in food processing where a great deal of the operations need machinery. Some other uses include:

  • Oil field and farm equipment
  • Off-highway equipment
  • Heavy construction machines and valve operations
  • Marine, medical and pharmaceutical industries 

The Advantages Of Pneumatic Manifolds

Custom pneumatic manifolds offer a suitable junction point to distribute fluids or gases. It is also used to deliver pneumatic energy to two or more places to provide many functions. Pneumatic manifolds come in numerous port choices and diverse material forms for low- and high-pressure uses. The advantages of air manifolds include:

  • Two to ten station air manifolds
  • Diversity in sizes and shapes
  • Stainless steel, brass, aluminum, polypropylene, and nylon materials
  • Aluminum pneumatic manifolds are black anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Precision machined