Tech tools that help your family to be closer this Christmas


Having a closely-knitted family is no walk in the park. Many of us get so immersed in our daily activities that we forget the people who matter most to us. You should not be overly bothered about this, but you should change. You can use technology to strengthen the bond in your family this Christmas. Here is how:

Watch movies on your internet devices

You can replicate the cinema experience right in your house with your family members. Family movie night is a great thing to look forward to. As long as your devices are capable of online streaming, have a family movie night. There are several options you can pick from. You can also rent movies and TV shows online. You can stream free movies from some sites. The emotions shared during this moment will be a memory that everyone will cherish. You can read electronic shops’ reviews to know the right company to buy internet devices or any other electronics you might want to buy to spice up the holidays.

Have groups on social networks

These days, everyone is always busy with their phones. Most people spend the better part of their day chatting with other people online. Some bond better with someone they rarely see than someone they see physically every time. You can take advantage of this to help your family. You can create a family-centered account on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This way, you can quickly update anyone about anything and engage with them online as you do offline. You may not be social media savvy but it is a good idea.

Game console

A lot of people, both adults, and children are in love with video games. You can get the family in an online match and enjoy the emotions displayed. Watching your son frag you in a deathmatch or your daughter showing quick initiatives is a great way to bond with them. If you are not okay with the violence, you can play nonviolent games. There are video games that enhance some positive values and life skills, so you can always change your taste. If you are not good with video gaming, you can ask one of your kids to teach you.

There are many other ideas for a happy Christmas season that you might want to consider to improve your family bond. Here are other ways your family can bond this Christmas season:

Make a memories glass jar

You can make a memories glass jar with your family. Get a beautiful glass jar and some colorful notes with a pen. Recall the memories you have shared with your family and write them on the notes. The memories do not have to be big. A little laughter, a little gift, etc. can make the difference in your memories jar. Fill the jar with all the precious memories and wait for the night you will open it. let the other members write as well. It is fun, but it will go a long way in bonding with your family.

Prepare the food together

Christmas is a season when everyone gathers together and celebrate. The preparation of the food and sweets should not only be left to some specific set of people. The whole family can join in. Get everyone to roll up their sleeves and help with the Christmas food. You not only make more memories with one another, but you also talk and share with them. instead of also ordering everything you need online, you can drive your family to the mall to shop together.

Build a snowman and organize secret Santa

Do not let the Christmas season go by without building a signature snowman. You can build several snowmen; ask everyone to build their versions. This activity never goes outdated, so you can repeat it for years. Another way to bond with your family is to organize a secret Santa. Prepare a gift and wrap it nicely, but also tell everyone to add a short note about why they picked this particular gift. You can also do this for anyone you will be giving a present.

Make a grateful game and plan for the new year

A lot has happened this year and so many people have been hindered from achieving their goals, etc. However, gratitude is never outdated. If you deeply reflect on all you have been through, you will find that you have many reasons to be grateful for. You can organize a grateful game; make a book and pass it around to everyone to fill in what they are grateful for. Prepare it into a keepsake so that everyone can look back in a few years and see how life has been beautiful. Also, this is the time to plan for the new year. Gather everyone together and make an audit of your lives personally. Tell everyone to map out plans for themselves, academics/career, family, fun, other relationships, etc. Go through everyone’s plans to help them make the necessary adjustments. You can use one another’s input.

Get involved in charity with your family

This is a great way to remind your family that the world does not only revolve around them and other people need their help. Be extra loving and giving this Christmas. You can make a list of needy children to buy food, clothes, and toys for. You can bake some nice desserts for your neighbors and write a note thanking them for being awesome. As you shop for Christmas, be generous. Let another person go ahead of you in the queue, thank the store attendants, give a card to someone.

Dance to good music

You have been stressed throughout the year. Now, the Christmas season is here. This is the time to distress and relax as much as you want. Play music filled with praise, laughter, good vibes, etc., and groove to it. Speak encouraging words to one another. You can attend a Christmas musical or join others to carol. Let each of your family members shout out a reason to give praise. The more you do this, the merrier your Christmas. As you follow these ideas, you will get more ideas on how to enjoy Christmas and bond more with your family.