Three Emerging Technologies That Will Change The World

emerging technology

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are an emerging technology consisting of small, low-power devices that integrate limited computation, sensing and radio communication capabilities. On the whole, if a current advanced technology will make more successes in its development life cycle, it will need to match, satisfy and meet all the environments which include the organisational environments and the technology environments. For the first time, IBM is making its IBM Watson technology available as a development platform in the cloud.

Some of the considerations I will be making about the use of this technology is what I currently have available in my classroom. Our team of professionals, mentors, investors, serial entrepreneurs and board members surround your emerging business with skills, experiences and networks to help your team start and accelerate towards success. The morning session of March 8, 2014 was about the Enhancing Health through Emerging Technologies”.

Because of the need to identify vital equipment quickly, the Military were naturally interested in technology that could help take the guesswork out of inventory and logistics. With their always new and innovative technologies, Google will allow GAPE to go in directions that Microsoft and other companies could only dream of. Its purpose was to formulate and execute research and development projects to expand the frontiers of technology and science, with the aim to reach beyond immediate military requirements. Offering a variety of assistive technology is important when enhancing lessons for students with diverse needs. These innovative trends are transformational and are likely to shape the future.

As the researcher, I believed that this study will be best framed by Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation,” Schlossberg’s Theory of Transition,” and Bridges’ Transition Model.” I have chosen to use these theories because they explain how technology is spread, adopted or reacted to by users. Our business support partners are KPMG, Mewburn Ellis LLP, and the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School. The sharing of information can help shape the technology both in function and use.

One idea to utilize technology with my diverse students is to have them make podcasts of themselves doing Rocket Math, our math fluency program, and timing their efforts each attempt and recording their times in a spreadsheet. Such technology offers new tools to law enforcement, but raises unique issues regarding constitutional rights such as self-incrimination. There needs to be some sort of connection between teachers, students and technology within the classroom. Intel and other huge semiconductor producers are already exploring this new dimension in the world of technology.