Tips for Riding in the Mountains

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Driving in the mountains always gives amazing natural scenery. Enjoying the view makes the driver complacent and forget the winding road conditions with various challenges. Currently, many riders are touring in several mountainous regions such as Ben Nevis, Mount Snowdon, Ladhar Bein to Gulvain.

Aside from the cool air and beautiful mountain panorama, Riders often have to face the rocky road. In this situation, patience and extra attention are required to avoid accidents. For this reason, please consider some of the following tips before riding in the mountainous area.

As a preparation, test your brakes and lights first, make sure both the brakes and the lamps are in good condition. The mountains are filled with rocks, climbs, sharp turns require you to be extra careful. Not to mention the numerous blind spots due to the number of trees that block the view ahead. Conditions like this certainly need high vigilance.

Focus is key in riding, and make it a habit to ensure a safe view by always looking around anytime you turn, for example, in a U-turn. If you find a road segment with a blind spot, you should immediately reduce speed.

Moreover, the rainy weather is hazardous in mountain areas and not to mention the thick fog. Don’t forget to honk to let other drivers know you are in the opposite direction. Always try to keep a 5-second distance from the vehicle in front of you.

It functions to give some time in sudden braking. Five seconds is considered sufficient time to respond to unexpected events. Also, avoid using the motor without the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) feature. Motorcycles without the ABS feature are more at risk of having an accident, especially at a sudden braking. Tires that suddenly lock will make the motor bounce, and you might fall from the bike. It is advised to spend more money to get an ABS technology motorbike, and you can buy it at Kawasaki dealer, Wheels Motorcycle.

You should also pay attention to the terrain when driving in foggy weather because your eyesight gets narrower around fog. Fog can cover the road surface, and it is recommended to ride at a normal speed, commonly 30-40 km/hour. Avoid overtaking other vehicles and do it only if you need to.