Tire Functions in Motorcycles 

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Tire Functions in Motorcycles – We need to know that tires are one of the most important components in a motorized vehicle. With these two wheels, the motor can run and be able to penetrate the desired speed of the rider.
At present, there are several types of motorcycle tires from various brands namely tubeless tires and tube-type tires.
Both types of tires are indeed very important functions for a vehicle because it is able to describe the pressure on the motor when passing through various types of terrain.
For the price of the motorcycle, tires are also starting from the size, brand, and quality of the tire itself. 

So do you know what the tire function is on the motorcycle?

Although it looks trivial, the function of motorcycle tires is often ignored. As a result, the tires leak faster or explode when used for long-distance travel.
We should replace motorcycle tires if the tires have started to look worn.
The article is the condition of the tires that have worn out of course the traction of the tire on the asphalt has begun to decrease so that the tire feels more slippery if we encounter wet or slippery roads.

Meanwhile, the role of the tire is also very important, because it is able to support the performance of the motor to drive at full speed.
With the condition of motorcycle tires that are still thick.
Of course, you will be safer in driving your motorcycle without having to worry about the tires will slip when sudden braking occurs.
In addition, there are many more fungi tires on motorcycles, well with complete information below.

The function of tires on a motorcycle

Motorcycle tires become a motor component that is considered enough by motor vehicle users to improve safety and also safety in driving. 

Here are some tire functions on a motorcycle.

1. As a weight-bearing

The first function of tires on a motorcycle is to hold the load. This relates to motorized vehicle loads which include many things ranging from motor components, motor engines to the riders.
Now in its role as a load-bearing, motorcycle tires must pay attention to wind pressure because if the tire pressure is lacking, of course, the tire will feel flat.
So you have to adjust the wind pressure on your motorcycle tires so that they can function properly.

2. As a silencer

Before the vibrations or shocks received from the road are dampened by the suspension, the vibration will first be damped by the tire and then it will be forwarded to the suspension.
The internal wind pressure also influences, therefore adjust the pressure standard.
For the tire itself, which is better able to withstand or absorb shocks is a radial type tire. So guys, you also have to pay attention to these types of motorcycle tires in order to get good driving comfort.

3. Power successor from the engine

The function of the tire on a motorcycle which then is as a successor to power from the engine. Therefore, this is very closely related to performance and braking power.
The pattern on a tire is very influential. Because this will also determine the quality of the tire and be able to support the performance of this motorbike to be more resilient and more tightly gripping the motorcycle tire against the asphalt.

4. Determine steering controls

For the tire function on a motorcycle, the last one is to determine the steering control.
This is certainly very closely related to the ability of the motor to maneuver and stability in driving.
So if your motorcycle tires have started to wear you better hurry up to replace them so that you can maneuver your motorbike more optimally.
Because with a worn tire condition, the motorcycle will definitely slip easily on wet and slippery road conditions.