Using IP Technology to Get the Websites You Want to Surf

information technology

There are so many geo-restrictions and proxy servers that are telling us which sites we can and cannot visit or we are auto directed to a certain language or geo-location of a website without being asked if that was what we wanted beforehand. Some of this is to control your website behaviour, while in other cases it is the website autodetecting where you are and trying to give you the language or version of the website according to the area in an attempt to convenience you.

This can be particularly annoying on websites such as Netflix. You may be from the UK or France and consistently access the English or French versions of Netflix. Yet, if you go abroad to let’s say Turkey, you will be given the Turkish version of Netflix. Your browser seems to forget the fact that you regularly access the UK or French versions of its website and so does Netflix.

Likewise, if you want to watch the US version of Netflix which in France you would call Netflix US en France, then you cannot tell Netflix that is the version of its site you would like to be directed to.

In all these cases this is where IP technology comes into the frame. There are quite a few technologies out there can bypass the above issues. Whether or not you feel as if you should have to use this technology in order to get the version of a website that you want, this is currently the only way to get around the geo-location settings on websites like Netflix.

Proxy IPs

Some people use what is called a proxy IP address. This is an IP address that could also come with an authentication prompt when you open your browser. All you would need to do is place this IP address, which would be a number like, into your proxy settings on your intent browser be it Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

What this does is it tells the browser to use this IP address to connect to the internet and show other websites that this is the IP address that all commands/requests made on the World Wide Web came from. As a result, if you wanted to access let’s say Netflix Americain, then as long as the proxy IP address that you have is one that shows as being in the USA, then when you request Netflix, the US version of its website will be sent to your device.

VPN Software

Using VPN software is arguably as cheap or sometimes cheaper than using a proxy server IP. The added advantage you have with VPN software is much better security thus privacy. From a security perspective, you have multiple options to choose various levels of encryption when connecting to the internet in order to access the World Wide Web or other ecosystems such as one of the many blockchain technologies out there.

Overall, VPN software has a lot more to offer terms of security and also you will have access to not just one location but multiple locations via most VPN software tools. On the other hand, the proxy IP options offers a single location.