Why Americans Are Getting Fatter

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Americans are becoming huge. From last few decades, authorities have witnessed visible increase in the weight (24 pounds on average) and height (an inch). According to statistics, an average American man now weights around 194 pounds while a women 165 pounds. Due to increasing width, special sized ambulance are launched, the size of coffins and seats on the planes and trains is also enhanced.  Around one third teens and children are overweight in America. However, 84{fb5515485646cfa27375c4946909380397cdfef5b1af371fe4af9796a5f60572} of the parents of obese children believe that their children are healthy, probably because they are overweight too.

Other than overeating, there are few scientific reasons leading to increase in weight and those reasons are:

  1. Antiobiotics as Medicine And In Food

According to recent article of New York Times, regular antibiotic dose given to livestock make them fat which negatively impact the weight of the human body. People given regular high doses of antibiotics are likely to gain extra weight. Over prescription of antibiotics is to be blamed, Martin Blaser says, American children are given 20 antibiotic treatments while they grow up. Even if you avoid taking antibiotics from doctor you will get it from the food you eat, be it then milk of meat.

  1. Other Livestock Fatteners

If antibiotics induced in livestock can make us fat, how can we think that other weight putting drugs induced in livestock will not affect us?  Optaflexx for cattles Ractopamine, also known as Paylean for pigs, and Topmax for turkeys is commonly used in USA while it is banned in other countries of the world. US cattles rarely rely on drugs like zeranol, trenbolone, and melegstrol. All these drugs not only make us fat but are becoming common cause of breast cancer.

  1. Pesticides

There are a few artificial sweeteners and antibiotics similar to chemicals used to make plastic and fire retardants. Endocrine disrupters like BPA (Bisphenol A) and Triclosan (found in several dish detergents and Colgate’s total) are linked to low sperm count and infertility, they are also considered an important cause of obesity.

According to Journal Toxicology Sciences, endocrine disrupters plays huge role in adult obesity. Pregnant women with high level of endocrine disrupter is most likely to give birth to daughters who grew up overweight.

  1. Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes are billed to lose weight by cutting the calories, however, recent studies have proved that they are doing total opposite. People drinking soft drinks made with a sugar substitutes are likely to increase people’s weight as compared to diet soft drinks. Substitute sweeteners are doing nothing good for human body, but affecting it badly. Chemicals such as aspartame and acesulfame potassium slow down the metabolism which eventually increase your weight.  

  1. Industry Marketing

People are very well aware of the aggressive junk food marketing.  From Obama to First Lady Michelle have spoken about it and its impact on children. Children who have tasted gummy fruit snacks and graham crackers with cartoon characters prefer to eat food with cartoon packaging. Without any doubt, advertising has huge impact.


It is clear that Americans are not getting fatter only because of overeating, but above mentioned factors are causing an immense increase in the weight also they are considered leading cause of bad health.  One thing is for sure, policy implementation on the upper level can change the situation. Till then you are the one who can take care of your own health.

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