4 Reasons a GPS Tracker for Construction Companies is important

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In addition to private vehicles and logistical trucks, GPS Tracker can also be used for construction maintain equipment and assets. Many benefits can be obtained from this device, especially in large-scale construction projects, where there are many vehicles and equipment that need to be monitored. Here are 4 reasons why GPS Tracker for construction companies is essential:

1. Protect assets and fuel being stolen

The main feature of GPS Tracker (gps กันรถหาย) is to monitor the location of your assets from a computer or cell phone. With the Driver Identity feature, you can increase the asset security of your asset.

2. Detecting the entry and exit of vehicles at the construction site

The geofence feature in GPS Tracker lets you mark an area needed for tracking ― in this case, your construction site. You can find out when your vehicle is in and out of the construction area. You can track when the vehicle is idle, walking, stopping, as well as the distance and maximum speed of the vehicle in the geofence. Y ou can set your GPS tracker to give a real-time warning when a vehicle or heavy equipment is taken outside the construction area. The Notifications can be sent via text or e-mail.

3. Trace misuse of equipment outside of work

Having a device to monitor the ignition and shutdown of the engine allows you to track the use of your construction equipment. Gps tracker can help you get the duration of construction equipment work with Power Take-Off (PTO) Monitoring. Power Take-Off (PTO) Monitoring is mounted on mechanical devices of construction equipment such as towing hooks, hydraulic levers, and cranes. Combined with the geofence feature, Power Take-Off (PTO) Monitoring, and Gps can track equipment usage outside the area and operating hours.

4. Prevent damage to construction equipment

GPS devices installed on the engine and mechanical devices can facilitate you in checking and maintaining assets. You can set the service schedule and notifications from the application issued by the GPS company, such as DTC. Moreover, you can receive warnings when the driver’s behavior is considered risky, like exceeding the speed limit. These features can help to prevent engine damage due to excessive use and dangerous driving behavior.

This GPS Tracker is Suitable for Your Company Vehicles Like:

  • Car shipping
  • Tow truck
  • Heavy Duty
  • Truck Trailer
  • Cars
  • Constructions
  • Bus
  • so on

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