Accidents And Technology: How Are Two Connected

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No matter where you go, technology is always there. Regardless of the tasks, you’re supposed to do in a day, technology can help you in completing it. But on the other side of the coin, technology isn’t all good; technology can bring dangers to your life especially if you use it while you’re driving. The innovation that made your life more convenient, can also become the reason why you lose it. Accidents and technology are connected in more ways than one, and you might even know it. When you focus too much on the device that you’re holding rather than what’s on the road, you can end up in an accident due to distracted driving.

What Is Distracted Driving?

In its simplest sense, distracted driving is the practice of driving a motor vehicle while being engaged in another activity, usually one that involves the use of a mobile phone or other electronic, device. Since you also need your eyes and hands while navigating through a device, your focus on driving might be impaired. You won’t be able to notice anything that’s happening around you while you’re driving when you’re using a device. And this can lead to serious injuries and accidents. This is a clear example that indeed, accidents and technology are connected.


Distracted driving does not only happen because of your mobile phones, it’s more than that. Here are some examples of how modern technology can affect your driving and put your life in danger:

  • When you’re using or programming a GPS on your phone or a stand-alone GPA system while operating a motor vehicle. Since this is not installed in your car, you need your hands, eyes, and mind to navigate these, which can distract you from driving.
  • When you’re using or programming handheld tablet or another device while driving, which can become the reason why you’ll take your hands off the wheel. The same goes when you’re texting, responding to email or chatting with friends on the phone.
  • When you’re listening to loud music or playing a CD or radio inside the vehicle, which hinders you from hearing other vehicles around you. This can pose a serious risk because you’ll have a hard time coming up with correct judgment when you’re on the road. How can you know if a vehicle is attempting to enter your lane if you can’t hear any honks? How can you avoid an oncoming vehicle from a sharp curve when you can’t hear it coming?
  • When you’re listening to music while you’re driving through headphones. This is worse than turning up the volume inside your vehicle.

If you have been hurt by someone who was texting while driving, it’s best that you work with an experienced attorney right away. They will know what to do when lawsuits arise, without compromising your right and the other party’s right as well. Don’t try to fix everything by yourself as it may worsen the situation at hand.

In Conclusion

There’s no question about how useful technology is in your life. Whatever your needs are, there’s always a device or an app which can help you. But when you’re driving, you should think twice about using any device or app. Your focus and attention should be on the road all the time, and not on the device that you’re using. Sure, you can still use technology but with extreme caution. You should never put your safety and life at risk just to use technology.