Apple’s 2021 upcoming products

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In a typical year, Apple holds about three to four events. In March it has a spring even, in June there’s a worldwide developer’s conference, it then focuses on Apple Watch and iPhone in September and when Macs and iPad are expected it has an October event. This article helps track the events that apple has in 2021.


It is believed that the first event that Apple will hold this year will be in early March. The March even is projected to have the company release new Macs and iPads. Below are some of the products thought to be in the March release.

AirPods 3

There are new varieties of Airpods that apple is working on, and it is said that they will be released in the year’s first half. It is understood that this new version of AirPods will be identical to the Airpods pro. However, in the latest version, Apple focuses on making them affordable, and it, therefore, will not include the Active Noise Cancellation feature.

Refreshed iMac

This will be a new iMac version; it will feature thinner bezels compared to the Pro Display XDR bezel. It is expected to have an apple designed GPU and an Apple Silicon Chip. Apple is working on two different versions a 23 inch and a 24 inch.

Low budget iPad

Apple is working on a 9th generation low-cost iPad with a 6.3mm thin build and a 10.2-inch display. Its build design will be identical to the third-generation iPad Air which was discontinued.

iPad Pro

It is expected that there’s a new version to the 12.9inch iPad Pro that Apple is working on. The new version will likely feature a 5G chip and a small LED display. Though the little information known of the iPad Pro centres on the 12.9-inch model, it is expected that Apple will also release an 11-inch model.

AirPods Pro

The Airpod pro new version is expected to be released March early this year. It will feature a new wireless chip and a more reliable design. The new design will adopt a round shape which will help it to compete better with Samsung’s and Google’s wire-free earbuds. It is believed that the Air pods pro will be launched early April.

Apple Tv

It is expected that Apple will release a new version of its TV in March this year. This new version will have a restructured remote and an updated processor. The remote’s new structure will have a my-like feature that permits the tracking of the remote in case it gets misplaced in the house. Apple is anticipated to release two variants of the Apple TV one with an A14X chip, and the other will feature an A12 Chip.


The worldwide developer’s conference is an annual event held by Apple. In 2021 it is anticipated to be held in June. We should be prepared to see apple launching, tvOS 8, watchOS 8, macOS 12, iPadOS 15 and iOS 15. Formerly apple has been using incremental numbers for its macOS updates; however, given that the macOS software has reached up to macOS 11.1, there will most likely be a new number to this update.


iPhone SE “Plus.”

In September it is expected that Apple will launch the iPhone SE plus. This plus version will feature a full-screen design, with a screen measuring 5.5 or 6.1 inches, it will also feature a power button with a Touch ID, and however, it will not have a Face ID.

iPhone 13

Apple will launch four iPhone13 models expected to have identical sizes and designs to the iPhone 12 models. There will be some small variations in each design, with one model said to be portless and depends entirely on wireless charging. The camera capabilities are also expected to be improved in the new model. Other features expected include a faster 5G, better A15 chops, and 120H ProMotion displays.

Apple Watch Series 7

Annually apple releases new watch models. The series seven is expected to be the company’s latest version for 2021. Though it is not yet well known what this new version will feature, it is believed it will have features such as new health sensors.

Apple products expected for 2021 but their release dates aren’t yet certain

In iOS 13 apple announced a novel Find My feature, which permits the ability to track macOS and iOS devices even when not connected to the internet. It uses Bluetooth. It is expected that in 2021 apple will increase this to a Bluetooth tag that looks like a Tile and is capable of being attached to any piece.

Other products that release dates are yet to be known include; AR smart glassed and the MacBook pro.

In conclusion, Apple is known to host several events in a year. This article has tracked the months that the various events are expected in 2021, thus keeping you informed. It is also essential to know that shopping from reputable stores will help you get genuine electronic gadgets. Reviews about electronic stores, such as reviews about tecobuy, will help you find reputable stores.