Besides Madame Tussauds, These are 5 Museums Recommendation in Bangkok


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In Thailand, there are a variety of tourist destinations such as unique museums that could give you additional knowledge and make your holiday more exciting. One of the famous museums in Thailand is the Madame Tussauds Museum. But, if you want to visit other museums, here are 4 recommended museums you might try 

1. The Siam Museum 

The Siam Museum is suitable for you who want to increase your knowledge about ethnography, anthropology and the history of Thailand and Southeast Asia. The museum consists of three floors and 14 different rooms. 

This museum also provides some modern and artistic look, such as 3D illustration images on the wall, so you can enjoy both learning and entertaining atmosphere So, you won’t get bored to explore every corner of this museum. 

2. Bangkokian Museum 

Bangkokian Museum consists of three different buildings that present a variety of historic collections. The first building is a western-style house that was built in 1937. The interesting element of this building is that this building presented original furniture and equipment used in the 1940s. 

The second building is a two-story house that was built since 1929. Any items display in this building is come from the 1920s. Things that the visitors able to enjoy here are furniture, household equipment, and equipment used in pharmacies from the 20s. 

While the third building consists of two floors contain various types of heritage, such as ancient kitchen equipment, former small farms and various artifacts. For the specific area, the second floor contains the history of Thailand from time to time. 

3. Bangkok National Museum 

Bangkok National Museum is one of the museums that you must visit when you’re in Thailand. Its strategic location and its closeness to the Grand Palace make it easier for you to get there. You can see a lot of antiques or studying Thai history from the Sukothai period to the modern Kingdom of Thailand. 

Also, you can enjoy the archeology collections, ethnology and decorative arts from China and all countries in Southeast Asia. Another uniqueness in this place is that this museum provides an English-speaking tour guide that you can get for free. You can also get another guide in different languages such as German on Thursday, French, and Japanese on Wednesday. 

4. Bangkok Seashell Museum 

If you want to visit a more than usual museum, Bangkok Seashell Museum can be the best option. You can see beautiful shells that come in different types and sizes. The collection in this museum reaches 3 thousand specimens from 600 species. 

Here, you will not only learn various types of shells, but you can also learn the use of shells from time to time. Spoiler: sell used to functions as a currency, musical instruments, and medical research. The presentation about seashells in this museum using illustrations so it becomes more informative. 

Well, that’s 4 museum recommendations that you must visit in Thailand. You can still have fun while getting new knowledge.