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The original poster came back and stated that he doesn’t game on his computer, and there was no reply, so I imagine the issue is dead. But as I entered his room to find him slumped in the same clothes he had been wearing the day before, curtains closed, asleep on a bean bag with the controller to his PlayStation console still in his hand, I knew there was a problem. A. It’s good for light gaming provided you install a standalone video card to replace the integrated GeForce 9100, which is useless for games. Get yourself a mouse, keyboard, and speakers, and you have a sick gaming rig that costs less than $3000.

The rocker-style gaming chair : Sits directly on the floor, is L-shaped, and is designed specifically for comfort, not posture. The defining characteristic of the PC platform is the absence of centralized control; all other gaming platforms (except Android devices, to an extent) are owned and administered by a single group. Q. I have about 2000 dollars saved up for a new gaming rig, the only problem is that I have no clue what parts are the best for that kind of budget.

Q. I’m planning to sell my old gaming computer locally (maybe post it on Craigslist). I have recently been wanting a gaming computer to play team fortress 2 and minecraft on good settings. I personally own both a Sony Vaio Laptop ( which is still good for new games on medium settings) and a intel core i5 gaming rig. Q. Hello, I was wonder what are some key things/hardware to keep in mind when building a gaming computer. The graphics card is a great identification between a gaming laptop and desktop PC. Always ensure on the upgrade ability of the graphics you are planning to buy.

I know I can probably do it for $1k, but I’d also like to know what components I should buy in the first place to build a pretty good gaming computer. The game I play the most is The Sims 3 and I use their Create A World tool both of which can be very demanding programs. Sometimes, with Windows, the drivers in use may not actually be manufacturer drivers, but stock Windows drivers, which are horrible for any kind of gaming. Any computer you build from scratch is going to require that you purchase an operating system for it. So check your computer.. If you have a PCIExpress 16x slot, the graphics card will be the most cost-effective upgrade in your situation.

The answer to which graphics card is the right one for your computer is a little harder to answer, since it does in deed depend on your PC (or more precisely your PCs Motherboard). To check your computer specs, try downloading a program such as Belarc (/free_download.html) or Speccy (/speccy). My own children were born in the late eighties, I discouraged or limited computer games.