Do French Cities Have Good Internet Speed?

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There are differences in the availability of high-speed Internet around France. High-speed internet is readily available in major cities; for example, most places in Paris have access to more than 100Mb/s. However, rural areas in France significantly have slower internet speed. Slow internet connections are undoubtedly the norm in rural regions of France. However, the French government wants to make fast broadband available within the next five years.

If you are going to France to study, you will need good internet for your research while you are in school and also, you might have a virtual class or meeting to attend. Even if you are going to France for tourism, work, or live there, there will always be a need for good internet. So, it would help if you read reviews that people in France have written at AmonAvis to have an idea of the best internet speed that will work for you before patronizing any internet provider.

Although we all know how technology works and there is always space for improvement. On that basis, the French government unveiled its €100 billion economic stimulus package some years back, with a large amount of €500 million allocated to improving digital infrastructure, such as providing much faster broadband access. So, you can always expect advances in internet speed when you start living in France.

The city of Paris has many different broadband providers

People in Paris have tested hundreds of broadband providers for speed. You can visit Sunsky to purchase some of the best internet service providers in France. The number of such service providers in France is about 900 percent higher than the average number of internet service providers in France.

However, below are some of the Broadband providers in France:

Orange France: Normal speeds range from 210.82 to 538.25 Mbps, with 938.28 Mbps as the highest speed. Median speeds are well over 300 Mbps.

Mediactive Network: Its usual speed range is 94.38 to 265.38 Mbps, with the fastest speed of 287.73 Mbps and an average speed of 94.47 Mbps.

Numericals: Its usual speed range is between 42.78 and 286.23 Mbps, the fastest speed of 879 Mbps, and median speed of 63.84 Mbps

Zayo France: The average speed is between 18.43 and 251.96 Mbps, with the fastest speed being 860.47 Mbps and the median speed being 60.51 Mbps.

SFR Group: The average speed is between 24.58 and 207.48 Mbps, the fastest speed is 915.29 Mbps, and the median speed is 43.91 Mbps.

Bouygues Telecom: This ISP offers speeds ranging from 25.37 to 203.59 Mbps, with the fastest speed of 934.06 Mbps and a median speed of 52.75 Mbps.

What can you do to increase your internet’s performance

However, you can do a few things to make the most of your internet plan, regardless of which internet plan you choose when signing up with your Internet service provider.

  1. Keep your router close to your device

To receive a proper internet speed, the first thing to consider is where to set the router. If your router is far from your computer or the region where you access your internet, this your internet speed might reduce. So, you should arrange it as close as possible to the device you are using to access the internet.

  1. Always update your router

Most internet users fail to update their router’s firmware, which is an essential step. Updates and security fixes are included in router firmware, so it is necessary to update your router firmware regularly. You can use,, or the correct IP address on the back of your router to upgrade the firmware.