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Patients can choose to rehabilitate at The Haven, a deluxe inpatient unit. Patients who come to The Haven for substance use treatment benefit from a comprehensive consultation, expert assessment, and discreet, compassionate care delivered by nationally recognized psychiatric specialists. If you don’t receive simultaneous treatment, the untreated disorder may cause the treated one to relapse. For example, if a person struggled with depression and addiction and only got treatment for the addiction, their depression symptoms would come back at full force.

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Friday, February 10, 2023.

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Our no-cost programs provide housing, food, work therapy, counseling, and community, as we work to address the root causes of prolonged substance dependence. Toward the end of your time in a rehab center, you and your counselor will come up with a continuing care plan based on your progress up to that point. Developing a tolerance or dependence on a substance may be an indicator of addiction.

Our Approach to Addiction & Recovery

Others may find that they would benefit from moving from an outpatient to an inpatient program due to previously unforeseen challenges. While AA and related groups are widely used, the success of this technique has not been rigorously evaluated. Nevertheless, these fellowships apparently help persons at any point in the recovery process to change old behavior patterns, react responsibly to drug cravings, maintain hope and determination to become and remain abstinent. Diagnosis is essential and should be confirmed by a careful history, thorough examination, and appropriate tests before prescribing psychotropic medications.

That’s 6,500 families – with moms, dads, and kids – disrupted by the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. Family members are often deeply affected by their loved one’s addictive behaviors. Family counseling is a safe space for everyone to share their experiences and for family members to learn how they may have enabled or contributed to your addiction. Acknowledging and working through these complicated and sometimes painful emotions can promote healing and continued growth. An addiction specialist will customize the right types of therapy for your unique needs.

Drug Rehab Services We Offer

It is not advised that a person struggling with addiction try to quit on their own; the best and safest way to begin breaking an addiction is at an addiction treatment facility. Your withdrawal symptoms will be monitored and managed under professional supervision in medical detox, and you will not have to face them alone. After detox, you will enter treatment, receiving a treatment plan, therapy, enrichment, individual and peer support, and the tools you will need to rebuild your life. Professional addiction treatment will ensure that you get the help and continued support you need to succeed in your recovery.

What are the 5 stages of change in addiction?

The model describes five stages that people go through when changing their behaviour: precontemplation (not ready), contemplation (getting ready), preparation (ready), action and maintenance.

During the admissions how long is drug rehab, we will assess the appropriate next steps for patients entering our rehab center. For individuals experiencing an active withdrawal, we offer a non-hospital detox program which includes medication management and a monitoring of any existing medical conditions. Our experienced detox staff includes a medical director, physician’s assistant, registered nurse, and licensed practical nurses who are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable detox experience.