Error Often Occurs On Wireless Networks


The wireless network is a type of network that uses radio waves as its transmission. Nowadays, many technologies use wireless networks, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and more. The use of wireless networks in everyday life including the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared. But many of us still don’t know how to fix problems that are often experienced by wireless networks. Don’t worry, CCNA can help you now, CCNA offers a complete range of Network-based products and services for solutions with Switch and Router, converged voice, Wireless Network, WAN Accelerator and Optimizer, and VPN and Firewall. We also work with operators and can combine their offerings into a managed solution. CCNA has an implementation team with years of experience in implementing enterprise-wide network solutions. Here are 6 errors on wireless networks and how to fix them.

Slow network

Have you ever used Wi-Fi in a place/office, the connection suddenly became slow? This happens because the number of users is very large, especially during peak hours. To overcome this, we can limit the bandwidth received by each user, using bandwidth management.

Interference or Damage to the hub/switch

Hubs/switches are terminals or data signal splitters for network cards. If the Hub is damaged, it means that the entire network cannot function to communicate between workstations or workstation computers with the server. In case of damage to the Hub can be seen on the power indicator lights and indicator lights for each workstation. If the Hub / light power switch indicator is off, it is most likely that the Hub is damaged. If there is a workstation indicator light that does not turn on, it indicates that the workstation computer is not active or there is interference on the workstation computer.

If there is damage to the HUB then we must first check whether the HUB that we are using is indeed damaged or just having problems, but if the HUB that we use is really positively damaged then we need to replace it with a new HUB or can be repaired at a special service place. but our advice is better to replace it with a new one in addition to the better quality, usually, the cost of repairing is almost the same as the cost of buying a new one. And therefore entrust your wireless network to experts such as CCNA.

Problems with data sharing

Things that risk to hinder the company’s network often occur because sharing on a computer is still disabled so we have to activate it first, and usually because the IP that we use is wrong or the same as the IP of other computers. Change to a different IP.