Everything You Should Know Before Going on Your First Blind Date


The ways in which technology has changed our lives cannot be overstated. Businesses have shifted to the online space, medicine is dependent on technology, and online classes are increasingly becoming popular. One of the significant impacts that technology has made in this century is matchmaking.

Thousands of people have been able to find their better halves through sites like tinder. Celebrities, like Carrie Ann Inaba and Jesse Sloane, met on a dating site. You should go on a blind date, knowing that it might turn out to be something great. Blind dates can be scary; however, with some insights into them, you should not have trouble meeting the person you have been talking to on a dating platform. Here is everything you need to know about blind dates.

1. Always kick-off with a phone call

Your blind date should not be entirely blind. It is still advisable to converse on the phone before meeting the person for the first time. It will give you some level of familiarity that will help you feel safe even during your first encounter. You can ask about the person’s interests and get to know a little bit more about their background. This will give you a better ground for your date to set off.

2. First impression matters

Do not underestimate your blind date because it is a person you don’t know. Observing proper hygiene will give you a better chance with your partner. No one wants to be around an unkempt person, especially if they are not familiar. This, however, does not mean you overdo it. Wear presentable clothes that blend in with the setting of the venue of your date.

3. Let a friend know about the date

Dating sites do meticulous vetting before they verify an account. However, do not take chances. Someone close to you should be aware of your whereabouts. You can’t be sure about the intentions of your date. Taking precautions is a logical thing to do. Let people know where you will be, in case of anything.

4. Being authentic pays

If you are on a date with someone you like, it is essential to show your real self. First dates are often filled with anxiety, and you may not be able to pull the best performance. Nervousness should, however, not get in the way of you being authentic. This is what will earn you a second date. Second dates are usually the best as anxiety fades and you get another chance to show your partner the best of your personality.

You have been talking to your prospective date through chats or phone calls. There are exciting things you can talk about when you meet. Be positive about your blind date and don’t forget to have fun. Be generous with your stories, laughter, and anything else that can make your date worthwhile. Also, you don’t have to overdo your dressing. A comfortable outfit will make everything better.