Four simple yet effective tips marketers neglect to use

information technology

The digital marketing industry has benefited so much from technology that it has opened a lot of opportunities for marketers to level up their game in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO) and other key processes.

However, with the influx of resources and tools, industry experts such as an SEO consultant Sydney or agency could attest that it also paved the way of bringing in more tools and techniques that need to be learned and utilized in order to stay innovative and stand out in digital marketing.

Many, if not all, SEO services Sydney  would testify that based on numerous studies that today’s customers are more demanding and expect good service, such as maintaining service levels, managing perceptions, and generate ratings.

With all these resources and tools it is important to know which ones could be better utilised and given attention.

Content is all about relevance, not the length

While it may be worth considering content length as a ranking factor, what would matter more in search engine rankings is the relevance of the content. The recent search algorithm updates have been more inclined towards determining content that has more weight in terms of customers needs or intent.

This means that whatever type of content is developed, regardless of whether these are brief product descriptions or email headings, the search engine protocols take into consideration how users benefit from the information being provided.


The new rule of thumb is that your digital marketing content is to be effective and must make people think beyond your brand, invoke feelings, and motivate people.

One of the key elements in ensuring this is by developing and presenting unique and engaging content. For instance, big companies initiate their content strategy technique such as advertising campaigns closer to festival or peak travelling seasons 

It is important that unique content needs to connect with customers.

Data analytics

Using data to your advantage is a key component in any digital marketing campaign that should not be ignored or neglected. 

A thorough understanding of data to help determine strong or weak areas of performance is by far one of the best ways to measure that would equip any SEO consultant Sydney to devise or modify digital marketing strategies.

Data has always been available and finding the right ones to scale marketing efforts in the most cost-effective way possible. 

However, in order to get the right data, marketers need to know how to devise campaign tests to help determine what things need to be considered and conducted to target areas where digital marketing thrusts need to be worked on and improved.

Human touch

Despite the influx of smart tools and resources, especially those that harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the need to develop campaigns that would continue to connect with humans. 

A lot of big-name companies that leverage content marketing strongly believe that human interaction is still critical to be able to reach out and tap the customer network.