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Norway is considered one of the very first countries to launch a commercialized mobile network in the world. It has always come up with innovative mobile technologies and other crucial services. This advancement in the mobile technology field has led to a convenient lifestyle for people and their businesses and how they maneuver their social life. is a Norwegian website where you can find thousands of valued customer reviews, opinions, and complaints regarding the service provider companies in Norway. Look through the website to know more about the companies and packages provided to entertain their customers. Moreover, Talkmore is a platform acquired by Telenor that offers fast and reliable mobile services at a lower cost. Let’s go through some of the tips on finding the best mobile operators in Norway!

Try to find tried and tested service providers!

Research for the best service provider in Norway by going through customer reviews and recommendations. The market research will take a bit of time but the result is worth it. Search through the websites for the mobile phone operators with higher ratings. Many companies will offer you their services and will claim it to be the best but, don’t just dig in their research more!

Observe the coverage provided

The maps provided on the websites of mobile services providers can often be misleading. You cannot determine the signals from the maps provided as location can affect the speed and strength of the company signals. Other than that, you cannot determine the traffic flow throughout the day. Always look for a network that provides consistent services at remote locations with a considerate speed.

Compare different service providers near your location!

Before sticking permanently to one mobile operator, temporarily test 2 or more companies and select the one that suits you and your locality. This way, you will be able to filter the provider company that provides fast and secure signals. 

Switch to a 3-G or 4-G carrier 

Most companies in Norway now provide 3G and 4G upgraded technology services that reshaped the signal strength to a more potent and faster one. People are switching to 4G networks due to the immensely high signal speed it provides. 

Try to find a company that offers a 3G or maybe 4G service in your locality. In Norway, Telenor is the first company to switch to a 4G network through which people can make calls and SMS plus browse the internet at a fast speed. 


The Norwegian companies have strived hard from the early ages to provide the best services for their people and have succeeded to a greater extent. The mobile market has reached new levels of advancement in the past few years leading to the world’s first largest mobile service marketplace. Other countries have benefited from the mobile services provided in Norway as it has led to the worldwide distribution of its services and packages. In this regard, the Norwegian mobile operators are devising methods for fast mobile services.