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How to Make Money from Android

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if you use android smart phone no harm in trying to make money from android this one, the way this application is very easy, just Download your capital will be paid using dollars.
now very many people want to earn income on the internet without capital and easy, I think how to make money with capital android phone this time is perfect for you who want to try to find additional income without capital.
how to make money from android is very easy to understand, the following tutorial to make money from android application:
the first thing you do is download the android app that can pay you using the dollar, the name of android apps that proved to pay a lot of money and have a lot of people get paid / paid at this time is the WHAFF Rewards android application.

after download and install the application, please open and run the application. the next step is to create an account with Facebook account login,
Note: you only need to have a Facebook account to be able to register an account in this application,
after you finish registering or finished creating an account, usually will appear invite member notification box or New Interface, please input CodeAL67793, if you do not want to fill the code can close the notification.
now you live to download the application that is in command on the application, you will be paid every do download and install applications that are ordered by the application whaff android rewards,
whaff rewards app also pays you if you share app and like their Facebook page, the price paid on every application you download and install is not always the same, varies depending on the capacity and type of development company aplication.

how the application work whaff rewards in development services is which means pay per install, you are paid every install the application in the command, how to work from the internet via ppi and ppa program is long available for website advertising, but recently only application ppi such as whaff rewards available on android.
for minimum payment / payout on app whaff rewards is 10 $, if it reaches 10 $ and above you can receive payment through various options ranging from pay via paypal, amazon gift card, Google play gift card, Facebook and others.
for some time this Whaff rewards application proved to pay all members, a little tips if you want to save quotas when downloaded search for free wi-fi nearby, in order to be satisfied download and paid much without having to spend your internet card quota android, maybe it can make money from android , so hopefully useful

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