Internet connection in Spain – Does it have high-speed internet services?

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When you go to live in Spain, connecting to the internet will be one of your priorities!

The country has a modern telecommunications network that will allow you to make quality calls and access the internet in any city you are in.

Whether you are a temporary or permanent resident of Spain, you can benefit from the various services offered by different companies. To find out which are the areas with the highest internet speed in Spain, you can find out on

Connection type

Spain has the strongest fiber network in Europe, but there are still regions without coverage. If we think about the excellent FTTH (fiber-to-the-home), it is obvious that Spain has a very stable connection that has the power to go directly from the telephone exchange to the home.

Internet speed in Spain, according to Alternate, is on average 157.22 Mbps, according to the Speedtest Global Index study, which measures the average speed reached in different countries. Internet providers offer different types of connections, such as ADSL, WIMAX, fiber, 4G, and cable.

The most used are ADSL and Wi-Fi, which provide a broadband connection that allows you to surf the internet at high speed.

As for ADSL, it is widely used in small urban, residential, and rural centers. However, compared to what is available on the telecommunications market today, the speed offered by ADSL is relatively low (between 1 and 5 Mbps).

In principle, contracts provide for the payment of a monthly fee with unlimited connection or billing depending on usage.

Some providers also offer a package that includes cable TV (for additional costs), as well as unlimited call packages to local landlines.

Internet speed: Spain among the fastest

The speed of the internet in Spain is one of the fastest in the world. Specifically, the average speed reached is 157.22 Mbps, which makes our country occupy the eleventh position in the world rankings. With this data, Spaniards enjoy one of the best internet sites at home in Europe.

The country with the highest internet speed is Singapore with an average of 226.6 Mbps, followed by Hong Kong with 210.73, and the podium is completed by Romania with 193.47 Mbps. Countries such as Switzerland, Thailand, France, Denmark, Monaco, Hungary, and the United States are in the top 10 of this internet speed ranking.

Why is the internet speed so high in Spain?

Much of the credit given to Spain for the top positions in the global internet speed rating goes to mobile operators.

The deployment of broadband in Spain by companies has made the country one of the most advanced in this regard at the European level. Almost 98% of the Spanish population has access to the internet in one way or another and 62.53% of the bandwidth lines are already fiber optic.

Companies continue to bet on bringing the Internet to all corners of the country and continue to implement fiber optics. It is also actively working to expand 5G coverage, which is already reaching several major Spanish cities.


In almost all cities in Spain, there are cybercafes and there are also stations called “locutions”, where you can make calls abroad and have a computer and internet connection. Rates vary depending on connection time.


If you have a smartphone or laptop, you can access the Wi-Fi network in bars, restaurants, shopping malls, and airports in most Spanish cities. Network access can be free or paid.