Meaning Of Technology And Its Use

Definition of Technology

Technology IntegrationTechnology integration is defined as the use of technology to enhance and support the educational environment. It also can even become a shelter for people who refuse to get out into the world, simply so they don’t have to experience it.” Firsch notes that technology is that knack of arranging the world”, as if producers are trying to trick the population into relying on something that will eventually lead to an overall demise of upstanding, hardworking citizens.

It is also evident the newest 2004 definition clearly aligns with the AECT mission: to provide international leadership by promoting scholarship and best practices in the creation, use, and management of technologies for effective teaching and learning in a wide range of settings” (AECT Definition and Terminology Committee document #MM4.0, 2004, p.18).

Whether used from the traditional or constructivist point of view, when used effectively, research indicates that technology not only increases students’ learning, understanding and achievement but also augments motivation to learn, encourages and collaborative learning and supports the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills” (Scharter and Fagnano, 1999).

In line with the development and advancement of science and technology so rapidly, especially in education, psychology and communication it is not impossible in the future of learning technologies will increasingly continue to grow and strengthen themselves as a discipline and profession that can further benefit the achievement of effectiveness and learning efficiency.

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