Tech: First Blockchain eSports Games – Gods Unchained

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eSports is finally finding its way to the blockchain and being made available to the general public over the World Wide Web

The blockchain has been an inspiration to businesses around the world with new solutions modernizing the way we operate. One of the main points has been to put the power back into the hands of the people. With this new tech slowly but surely integrating into society, we were always going to have a blockchain solution that would target esports.

Gods Unchained is the blockchain’s very first eSports game. At the moment it is not entirely clear what exactly the game entails, so we decided to take a deeper look.

For now, we know that the full game is yet to be released, which when it is will be a beta version. Right now, the new blockchain-based eSports producer has begun with a themed card game. This is a game where players will collect cards and add them to their deck. The better the deck, the more chances there are of winning. This will then create a leader board, but this is unlikely to go into pro tournament status as do other eSports games.

Who is this game for?

If you like your ‘Top Trumps’ style card games, then this is a virtual eSports version. Players will all be part of a community battling out with their deck of cards. There is a paid version, so those with Ethereum tokens or those that are able to obtain them will be able to play the paid version.

In addition to this, there is also a free play version. All you need to do is sign up for an account via the Gods Unchained website, and you will be away. You can choose to buy cards or test run the game using the free play version – for more info on this, check out the link below to the FAQ section where you will be able to find out loads more information about the game.

Let’s walk you through it step-by-step. Plus, if you are not sure about accessing blockchain tech and the safety of doing so, then think about using Migliori vpn gratis.

The Theme

As the name would imply, this is going to be a supernatural style game, so far as the characters in the game are going to be supernatural characters. We have covered quite a few eSports games that are based on supernatural characters such as Dota 2 and League of Legends, so the question is will Gods Unchained be another hit in what is estimated to be an eSports market worth over $900 million a year in revenue.

Let’s tale a look at what we have in store from gods Unchained.

  1. Trading Cards

As the full release of the beta version for Gods Unchained is yet to be released, the producers have started with what is pretty much a trading card game. There are various characters each with their own special powers and attributes. The idea is these cards are based on rarity. Some will be common cards and as such not worth too much. On the other hand, rare and very rare cards will have the highest value.

In effect, the beginning of the Gods Unchained adventure is to start trading cards.

  • CryptoCurrency

 Each card is using Ethereum coins to value them. Trading cards will, therefore, be done using your Ethereum tokens. If the concept really kicks off, these cards could be worth thousands.

  • The Blockchain Idea

Basically, when you play most games, the skins purchased for your characters are still owned by the game itself. This is done using Copywrite laws. However, the underlying concept of Gods Unchained is to give ownership to the players. That means any cards you own are your own and not owned or under copyright laws. This is part of the new concept of having a decentralized gaming platform.

  • Devices

Initially, the game will be available for only desktop and MAC devices using a browser. Eventually, the platform will be designed for mobile device support, but in its initial beta release, this will not be the case.

  • Downloads

There are plans to eventually make the game downloadable. However, for the time being, expect this card exchange game to be only available on browsers for beta testing.

For more information, check out the ‘Gods Unchained FAQ’.