The Benefits of Salesforce Field Service Lightning

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The primary focus of Salesforce Field Service Lightning is to allow businesses or services organizations to connect their entire workforce, products, and customers on one intelligent strategy platform. The goal is to deliver exceptional on-site service with complete oversight of the journey. 

Your customers are invited to use tools easily book their own appointments and automatically request help directly from field service agents on-demand.

With Salesforce Field Service Lightning, you can design and customized intelligent routing of work orders to access the right service resources based on skill, location or based on your specific business rules. 

From the Field Service Lightning console, service-hub operators or dispatchers can fill or modify workflow schedules, respond rapidly to urgent requests or universally coordinate and synchronize all mobile devices instantly. Dispatchers can view real-time tracking and status updates via a map, of all field operations. The field service console provides a birds-eye-view for checking traffic or customizing service territories. 

In the field, your mobile employees can see their entire day from any iOS or Android-based device. When ready for their next assignment, field employees can instantly monitor their next appointment, get directions to the site using any navigational app. At the site, your mobile employees can communicate and connect to articles, documentation or specific step-by-step instructions relevant to the task. 

In addition, site workers are able to seamlessly review updates or changes, on parts, inventory and can use guided steps to do the job right the first time. They’re able to attach photos, or any visual inspection or analysis, captured within the work order. In an offline mode, your mobile worker’s app will synchronize any changes in related parts, product or services automatically, when back online.

From your management console, Work orders can be generated to initiate repairs and give real-time metrics into the process, employee productivity and customer satisfaction on the entire service visit.

Through Field Service Lightning, the entire workforce is connected on one platform to deliver a faster, more personalized solution between the customer and mobile employees. Mobile workers can review the entire appointment request, map and calendar from any portable device with location tracking, parts ordering, and hub collaboration.

When your customers book appointments online, they’re able to enhance the dialog with custom service queries, accessible by community dispatchers or account agents. Intelligent oversight built into Salesforce Field Service lightning, allow your management staff, agents and the field worker to track key metrics to ensure the service operation is efficient and productive.

If you’re ready to enhance any manual methodologies for field service and move away from pen or paper, Field Service Lightning automation will supercharge your productivity.

Out of the box, The Salesforce platform has just about every tool imaginable to provide a connected experience to your customer. Organization members from the sales rep to service agents, dispatchers and technicians are well supported from a single platform. Your members will have powerful sharing capabilities and access relevant information supplying a 360-degree view for seamless and intelligent decision making. 

Field service lightning ability to intelligently schedule and match the service requirements of the job to skills, location, and availability graphically optimizes your core competency focus. If you operate within a contractual service level agreement (SLA), this will fuel your ability to deliver quality service as promised, using competent skilled workers successfully. 

The Salesforce app empowers the technicians to go do a better job within their capabilities, at the same time providing them a roadmap and connected support, to get the job done right onsite, the first time by meeting or exceeding your service level expectations.