The Best Applications for Start-Up Businesses

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As with any start up business, you want it to run as smoothly as possible to reach the doors of success. It’s a busy lifestyle and any business owner will constantly be on the go whilst working to continue the progress that’s been raised so far for the business, being a one man-band for the majority of it in the early days. You’ve come all this way with discovering the idea, and you need all the help you can get along the journey. Luckily, a lot of that help can be found right through your fingertips as we outline some of the most helpful mobile applications out there to help you become the shining entrepreneur you set out to be.


In order to be a successful, you need good income. Nowadays, a lot less people are using physical money to pay for goods as the success of digital payments continue to rise. Debit/Credit Cards are the simple and easy way to purchase goods/services and Square helps with processing funds for VISA, Mastercard, American Express amongst others. It’s compatible for tablets if you don’t have any card readers, but they do offer a free one when you first sign up.


Social Media has continued to grow for many years and without it, you’re probably going to be visible to no one. It’s used to promote products/services and interact with customers with the possibility of going viral and connecting with the world. As there’s so many social media apps out there, Hootsuite allows you to monitor, share and schedules posts through your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin accounts all in one app.

My Happy Place

Although your business might be one of your priorities, you should also consider the wellbeing of yourself too. We’ve already mentioned that the life of a business owner can be stressful and there’s applications that can help you to ease the stress of work away. With ‘My Happy Place’, it allows you to store all the things that cheer you up stored in one place. You can store stuff like photos, songs, quotes, videos and many more for a quick boost if you’re having a tough day.


You’re out here, there, and everywhere trying to gain business for your company. This may mean trips and travels along the process, so it’s worth keeping a track of it all whilst you do so. Skyscanner helps to not only find you the best deals on the market but also allows you to keep track of what you’re spending whilst on the go. It considers hundreds of travel companies to make sure you’re being presented with the best deal for you and has many features to narrow searches of what you prefer and how to get there in the best way. It can be really useful for them times when last minute travels plans occur with extortionate prices. You want to be keeping cost at minimal as possible in your early days as an entrepreneur and Sky Scanner can help to do this.

Handy apps like these can all be useful. Considering them and having them at your disposal, especially on the go, could leave an already stressful lifestyle appear a bit easier. Mobile app development continues to become one of the most growing markets for all aspects in life, and business is another that’s not gone under radar as it looks to help the most budding entrepreneurs lead a road to having a successful business.