The Best Ways IT Recruiters from Dallas Can Benefit from Technology


It is essential to understand that technology and HR tools can help you as a recruiter to increase your productivity so that you can remain competitive within the IT industry. The idea is to use the latest technology so that you can boost your recruitment efforts. Of course, as a business, you would instead consider an IT recruiter from Dallas that use a technological approach that will help them reach more high-end developers and programmers for your particular needs.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you ways to boost your recruitment efforts by implementing technology that will help you along the way:

  1. Implement Mobile Hiring Process

According to statistics and data, most Americans are using mobile devices when they wish to search for new jobs, especially IT experts.

Since half of them use Smartphone’s so that they can fill out a job application, if you do not implement a mobile-friendly approach, you will lose a significant number of experts and potential candidates.

The first thing you should make mobile-friendly is the entire hiring process so that you can appeal broader base of potential candidates. At the same time, you should make an application that uses the Applicant Tracking System.

That way, you will be able to manage, and source candidates through your Smartphone and that will improve your mobile recruiting team so that you can access data by using cloud computing wherever you are.

If you wish to learn more on the Applicant Tracking System, you should check here for more information.

  • Video Interviewing

Video calls are a great alternative to in-person interviews, mainly because it is much less consuming, and you will be able to check potential candidates that live in different locations without any additional hassle.

Since the rise of live streaming on social media networks, the unfiltered and live video sessions became prominent, and today, it is much more convenient to use it instead of meeting in-person.

You can use a wide array of tools from Skype to Messenger and Hangouts, and you can ask them to record a short video so that you can check their representation skills, which could be relevant if they have to be representative for the position you are hiring them for.

On the other hand, you can save time by recording interview and questions and ask them to submit answers accordingly based on their free time.

  • Podcasts and Webinars

You can also participate in podcasts and webinars so that you can learn how to improve your recruitment without leaving the office. You should think about checking topics such as social recruiting guides, HR software and Boolean search tips.

Numerous websites will provide you the possibility of free webinars, so you have to search it online and find the one that will help you improve knowledge on technology so that you can implement it into your daily routine.

At the same time, you can enter online courses that will help you with HR-related topics so that you can enter a new field of study. Online courses are a great source for learning new skills, and you will be able to determine what you should look for in candidates that you wish to acquire.

For instance, if you are an IT recruiter, you should check coding courses so that you can learn about basic tech terms, which will allow you to ask those questions during the evaluation and interview.

The best way to learn how to become recruiter is by checking out this link: for more information.

  • Productivity Tools

You can also find numerous HR software that will provide you the possibility to use appropriate tools that will make your life more accessible than before. Some common tools include:

  • Time Management – You should consider appropriate time management tool that will integrate with your ATS, and you will be able to send customized emails to your new applicants. You should also track time on how much you spend on daily tasks, which will allow you to be more productive overall.
  • Email Management – When it comes to emails, this is your first weapon of choice that you should integrate. Therefore, some tools will help you reduce back-and-forth emails with your team members, and you will be able to get reminders and schedule messages so that you can categorize emails based on the priority.