Tips to grow build audience for small business On Instagram.

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If you are a small business and looking for promoting your business online then Instagram is the best place to promote your brand and build a huge audience. Have you ever tried tricks to get more followers? If no then this guide might help you to achieve your goals. Let’s have a look at how to get followers on Instagram. Follow these tips and see skyrocket following growth in no time.

How to get followers on Instagram:

  • Active account always a favorite spot of the users when they log in to Instagram. So keep in mind, post at least one photo or video in a day. But if you want more engagement then post two to three times a day.
  • In order to increase engagement, post reach is very important. Whenever you post, post at the right time when your followers are active. This way, your post can get more likes and comments. When a post gets more likes in the first hour of posting, there are more chances that this post secures the top position in the search results of your follower’s feed.
  • If you want to up your growth game, follow the growth formula i.e. like4 like and follow4 follow or buy Instagram real followers. Follow other people that have same interests and ask them to follow you back. Like their post and they will likely to visit you and like your photos too.
  • A good way to increase your following count is collaboration or influencer marketing. Consider working with an influencer on a project together or reach out the influencers and ask them to feature your post on their account. You will get more views, likes, and followers in the very short span of time.
  • Become a storyteller and engage your followers with your short stories. Create a post and write a story in the caption. Ask the questions at the end of the caption that will courage your followers to leave a comment on this post.
  • Use every content format of Instagram for posting because people get bored with the same type of posts. Instagram is offering a variety of content formats like a photo, video, Boomerang, live video, and Instagram stories. Try all formats to make your page more interesting and appealing.
  • When you post a story, don’t forget to highlight your stories after 24 hours. If you have created a unique story, it will disappear after 24 hours but you can give it a second life with the highlight feature. People are likely to see your story when they visit your profile
  • Use hashtags to your stories also. Generally, people use hashtags with photos and videos. But using hashtags with stories can make them more discoverable.
  • If you are a small business, don’t forget to develop your own hashtags to increase your brand exposure. On Instagram, more than 70 percent brands are using their branded hashtags to build their good image among people.
  • Conduct Q&A session through live videos or Instagram stories because it is the best way to engage the users. Moreover, it increases the engagement and followers.