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TikTok is one of the applications of the moment. After surpassing 1 billion downloads on Google Play and ranking as the second most popular app in the Google store, the Chinese app has no intention of stopping.

The application has hundreds of micro videos inside where you can find content of all kinds: jokes, playbacks, challenges, tutorials and much more. The best thing is that, if you have numerous followers on tiktok, it also allows you to make money; People can also buy tiktok followers cheap, although it is not an easy path.

If you’ve caught your eye and you want to try your luck, there are many things you can do to become successful on tiktok. From using hashtags, joining the challenges, creating original content or sharing your content everywhere, especially on Instagram, to give a few examples:

These are the best tricks to succeed on tiktok and gain thousands of followers.

Follow the trends

If you have just created an account or have been in the application for a while but cannot get followers, one of the best tricks to succeed on TikTok and gain followers is to see the trends of the moment to see what type of content is succeeding at that moment. Just jump on the bandwagon and you’ll have a better chance of reaching more people and gaining new followers for your channel. Create contents according to trend helps you in increasing “like” on tiktok, for increasing more “like” within short period you can buy tiktok likes from

Create original content

While following trends is important, one of the keys to being successful on TikTok is originality. It is essential to detach yourself from what you see in the application and try to create content that you have not seen. Obviously, this is quite complicated, so if you can’t think of anything you can always follow a trend but give it a different twist, for example.

The best thing to create original content is that you think about what you do best and turn it into video. The app not only lives on dances, humor or challenges, but there is also enriching content such as fitness classes, mini painting courses for beginners or much more. Find your voice and give it strength.

Master the transitions

One of the key points to succeed on TikTok is the use of transitions. The best thing is that they will help you to give a more personal touch to the videos. By being able to stop the camera and continue recording when hitting it again, you can appear with other clothes, turn the mobile to create a 360º effect, show the before or after of something specific or much more.

Switch between front and rear camera

This point is closely related to the previous one and will also help you give your videos a different touch. You don’t always have to be on the screen, but you can use everything around you to create your content.

Lose your shame and have humor as your flag

What is clear is that the trends that usually triumph in the social network are those that have humor as the central axis, so if you want to prosper on TikTok you must lose your shame and put into practice any nonsense that comes to your head to draw attention.

Share everywhere, especially on Instagram

One of the virtues of the app is the ability to share your content, or that of other users, wherever you want. In this case, if you want to achieve success on tiktok, it is best to share your own content on Instagram, since your username will appear with a direct link to the application.

Comment on posts…

In all the videos that you are going to see browsing tiktok you will be able to leave a comment unless this element has been banned. Obviously, leaving comments will allow the user to respond to you and still enter your profile, see the content you upload and, if they are interested, win a follower.

Interact with your followers

Although the previous point is important, this is even more fundamental to succeed in tiktok, since taking care of your followers by answering them and seeing what they think can get you to improve your content or that they themselves talk about you to their friends and thus increase your number of followers.

Use hashtags

All of the above tips are important, but using hashtags is key to thriving on TikTok. Like Instagram, hashtags will help you appear in the lists of videos grouped in those categories, so you will have a better chance of seeing your content.

React to videos or duos

With the duos you can make a video in the company of someone specific and do the same gag between the two. With the reactions it is similar, but you will have to show what you think of something in question by doing something funny.

Join the challenges

Challenges are the most viralized elements of the social network and are usually in the Trends section and grouped in different hashtags. By joining a specific category and showing your version of it, you will have more possibilities for your video to appear in the feed of other users. There are all kinds, so find the one you feel most comfortable with and be clear that you can contribute something original and different and offer your own version.

Use popular audios

One of the most used elements within TikTok is the possibility of using voices and imitating what they are saying with your lips. It is one of the elements most used by users within the social network and joining this trend will allow you to climb positions and gain more followers.