Consumer behavior in the global market during the Covid-19 pandemic changed very rapidly compared to before. These changes are predicted to continue to develop further in a few weeks and last for months. Most consumers now turn to marketplaces or e-commerce to buy products, to make ends meet.

According to research, 50% of consumers avoid crowds and 32% leave their homes less often because of concerns about exposure to Covid-19. In other research, 30% of respondents now shop online more often than before. This behavior change has prompted e-commerce and marketplace businesses in Indonesia to change their business strategies and operations.

It is undeniable that during the pandemic and the New Normal, marketplaces and e-commerce around the world have indeed seen an increase in demand because they allow consumers to shop online. But of course, this increase in demand is sure to have challenges, here are the discussions

Understanding Changes in Consumer Behavior

As mentioned above, the Covid-19 pandemic brought changes in consumer behavior, including when entering New Normal. This phenomenon also encourages consumers who have never shopped online, to switch to marketplaces or e-commerce. These new customers are likely to continue shopping online even after the pandemic or New Normal. Therefore, marketplaces and e-commerce need to focus on customer experience as this will determine how they value the company. To understand changing consumer behavior, you can use the Intelligent Growth Analytics solution.

Increasing Demand and Supply Chain Problems

Consumer demand which increases in a fast time sometimes cannot be accompanied by an adequate supply chain. To minimize further impact, marketplaces or e-commerce can manage product availability in company warehouses with a good supply chain and inventory management system.

The flow of recording goods in the supply chain itself now depends on the Cloud. Other data related to the company is also stored on cloud computing services. Cloud-managed networks infrastructure can help supply chain systems to monitor the delivery process at any stage to minimize product loss. If something goes wrong with the product, the company can immediately take action as quickly and effectively as possible.

Teldat cloud managed sdn networks solutions can help marketplaces and e-commerce to meet these needs. Teldat Cloud Services can also help companies improve efficiency during the New Normal, especially in the use of company Capital Expenditure (CapEx) for various unnecessary IT investments, as well as ensuring the smooth running of e-commerce and marketplace businesses.

Collaboration between Divisions

New Normal does allow companies to implement shifting policies for employees to work in offices. Even though they no longer fully work from home, the work pattern at New Normal encourages companies to use ICT solutions to communicate and collaborate between divisions.

Even though running on the Cloud, corporate data will remain safe because of the end-to-end encryption process when data is moved. Other security support for Teldat end-to-end and endpoint encryption will help keep business activities safe during the video conference or after.