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Native advertisement marks as an excellent way of advertising that syncs perfectly with the web content and is becoming very popular amongst some of the biggest publishers. The traditional form of advertisement has seen a downfall because of the availability of the ad-block option. Therefore, an increasing number of digital advertisers are now deploying native ads on their websites and blogs to give a virtual boost and increase the revenues generated by mobile advertising.  

Why do native ads work?

The biggest advantage of native ads is that they follow a seamless approach within the website or blog to the extent that it doesn’t come off as a promotion but rather look like a part of the content. Native ads also tend to enhance the clickers by making the content more relatable to the target audience.

Let’s have a look at some of the best native ad platforms that are taking the market by storm:

  • Redirect.com

Allowing the customer to both buy and sell traffic, this native ad platform is famous for a reason. Via this platform, one can buy email addresses, domains, displays, pop-ups, etc. The intuitive geo-targeting system helps to monetize the client’s global traffic and ensure that they get an outstanding RPM.

  • Outbrain

Running successfully since 2006, Outbrain is famous as one of the best native ad networks in terms of quality and advertisement visibility. Quality of ads undergoes strict monitoring using smart filters that use the content from several product-related ads.

  • Nativo

The king of pure native advertising, Nativo specializes in the field that it demonstrates branded content in the language of publishing streams. The platform offers a range of screens and devices. All the ads are made to match the individual persona of each publication and the core idea is to simplify the entire process.

  • Gravity

Another renowned platform that enjoys the support of AOL, this ad network features some of the best publications in the market. As a publisher, you must have at least 1 million page views to be able to join this ad network. To prevent users from being overwhelmed with the content, Gravity sorts out the content using specialized and focused filters.

  • Triplelift

Founded in 2013, this is a thriving ad network that represents the transition of displays and is catching the attention of some of the biggest publishers. This platform is an epitome of convenience and transparency.

  • NativeAds

This marks as one of the most widely talked about native ad platform which is easily used in combination with other platforms such as AdSense. This is an excellent choice for new publishers

  • Taboola

Taboola is home to at least 1 million distinct visitors each month on some of the most engaging and interesting publishing websites in addition to some niche blogs. Taboola enables advertisers to leverage their content in a smart way.

These famous ad platforms offer exceeded revenue to publishers and also bring about exceeded results in terms of customer retention.